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The Asian Institute of Management has an available open rank faculty position in the area of Innovation. Faculty members report to the Associate Dean.

  • Qualifications
  • Responsibilities

Academic Qualifications


  • A strong engineering background, preferably with doctorate degree, or closely related field, and specialiation in innovation, venture capital, or project management, with an international publishing track record.



  • Professional experience in innovation, innovation management, digital innovation, project management, venture creation, strategic and change management, and other relevant fields

Teaching Experience


  • Local or international business school teaching experience (preferably at AACSB- or EQUIS-accredited schools at postgraduate level is desirable)
  • Experience in teaching courses at the graduate level
  • Practices participant centered learning
  • Familiarity with teaching and developing online courses

Areas of Expertise

  • Demonstrable expertise in the fields of strategy and technology management and digital transformation, and an in indepth understanding of the application of innovation management on business
  • Desirable areas of expertise and specific research interests may include:
    • Innovation Management
    • Digital Innovation
    • Digital Transformation
    • Strategy and Technology Management
    • Design Thinking


Submit a letter of interest and comprehensive CV to  and indicate AIMWEB-INNOV-072020 in the subject line.

Academic Faculty members have the following teaching, research, and citizenship responsibilities:

Teaching Responsibilities

  • To undertake teaching in the degree and non-degree programs using participant-centered learning methodology
  • To play a significant role in the design, development, planning, and review of innovative courses, modules, etc. for degree and non-degree programs
  • To provide general guidance and support to students, and give timely and relevant feedback
  • To mentor students undertaking theses, learning labs, and other projects or activities requiring faculty mentors

Research Responsibilities

  • To be recognized as an authority in their field, developing and maintaining an external profile appropriate to the discipline
  • To remain current with development in the field, particularly thru research and consultancy projects in Analytics, Computing, and Complex Systems Laboratory (ACceSs Lab)
  • To maintain research and scholarly activities
  • To undertake research and publish in reputable peer-reviewed journals

Citizenship Responsibilities

  • To uphold the Institute's values in all activities, both personal and professional
  • To be an active and responsible member of the Institute's collegial body and be willing to accept administrative assignments as the leadership sees fit
  • To contribute to the management, administrative processes, and committee structures of the Institute
  • To actively take part in the School activities


Submit a letter of interest and comprehensive CV to and indicate AIMWEB-INNOV-072020 in the subject line.

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