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Academic Operations Associate


The Academic Operations Associate is a key team member in the Office of the Dean. He/She contributes to the regular operations required to complete the Office of the Dean’s tasks in a timely and efficient manner, especially with the online and digital platforms. He/She provides technical support for the Institute’s academic community, particularly to students and faculty members using learning technologies in classes. The Associate will also help in facilitating innovation towards the improvement of the team’s services, activities and overall work environment.

  • Qualifications
  • Responsibilities


  • Any Bachelor’s Degree  (Education, Communication, or related Science preferred)

Minimum Experience

  • At least 2 years of experience in administrative staff work involving computer systems, digital records and online platforms
  • Preferably, with experience in Academic offices


  • Possesses excellent communication, presentation and computer skills, records and file organizational skills
  • High numeracy, logical and analytical skills are required
  • Advanced and progressive ICT skills
  • Intermediate Microsoft Excel expertise is a plus
  • Learning Management System experience is a plus
  • Work with the other members of the Office of the Dean towards completion of routine/prescribed tasks
  • Provide administrative support in operating programs or systems owned or controlled by the Office of the Dean, such as the Learning Management System and Qualtrics
  • Provide administrative support in planning, development and execution special projects spearheaded by the Office of the Dean
  • Collaborate with various units of AIM for the planning, development and execution of projects co-sponsored by the Office of the Dean
  • Perform some system administration tasks on the Learning Management System
  • Collect and manipulate data from various units to fit the requirement of the Online Systems of the Office of the Dean
  • Create and maintain documentation and technical manuals for the core processes of the Online Systems of the Office of the Dean
  • Provide basic technical support to internal AIM clients on using Educational Technology tools
  • Monitor the use of key resources controlled by the Office of the Dean, towards delivery of academic services
  • Help address pain points or hurdles towards business process improvement for academic staff and faculty through efficient and mindful feedback
  • Organize data and generate relevant reports from prescribed templates
  • Coordinate with external units within and outside AIM, for any Office of the Dean related events or activities

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