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Career Services Coordinator


The role of the Career Services Coordinator is to serve as a connection between potential employees and students. The Coordinator needs to reach out to employers, establish and cultivate relationships to facilitate their talent attraction program.

At the same time, s/he serves as a career coach advising students on career options and job search strategies. The Coordinator creates opportunities for both employers and students to interact through career workshops, industry talks, recruitment presentations and networking events.

  • Qualifications
  • Responsibilities


  • Bachelor’s Degree in a business-related course (Business Management, Marketing, Human Resource Management, Psychology, or equivalent)


  • At least 3 years of experience in or equivalent combination of education and experience in recruiting, job placement, learning and development, career counseling or coaching and/or significant industry experience in Technology, FMCG, Telco, Engineering and Consulting
  • Business Development and Corporate Relations
    • Build and broaden corporate relationships, foster employer engagement and facilitate recruitment of graduates in assigned industry sectors.
    • Increase partnership and placement opportunities through continuous and targeted engagement and development of creative platforms and cooperation. This includes the organization of recruitment presentations, industry specific workshops and networking sessions.
  • Career Guidance and Management
    • Provide career counseling to help students explore careers that match their interest, values and skills
    • Provide guidance in CV critiquing, mock interview coaching and formulating job search strategies
    • Contribute to developing and delivering comprehensive, timely and relevant career-skills education to students through managing Personal Development and Career Management Programs
  • Administrative
    • Assist and support the CSO Director/Manager in the management of the CSO calendar of events and activities including company seminars, training workshops, career library material creation, and placement activities within AIM
    • Administer the Recruiter’s Guide, CRM Software/system,  and official social network accounts (Facebook, LinkedIn, Yahoo, Google Sites, Microsoft 365, intranet)
    • Assist the director in gathering data relevant to the required statistical reports

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