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The Cashier is primarily responsible for the Cashiering function for AIM.

  • Qualifications
  • Responsibilities


  • Bachelor's degree in Accountancy or related course

Minimum Experience

  • With experience in cashiering function

Cash Receipts

  • Issue official receipts for funds received in favor of AIM, including prior identification and confirmation of those received through other channels.
  • Prepare daily collection report including deposit slips and related documents.
  • Safekeep funds received for AIM until they are turned over for deposit in the proper AIM bank account.
  • Arrange and coordinate the pick-up of checks in favor of AIM as necessary.
  • Safekeep post-dated checks for student loans and ensure official receipts are issued on the date of the checks or the next banking day.
  • Monitor returned checks and refer them to Treasury Coordinator for accounting and collection purposes.

Check Releasing

  • Safekeep petty cash funds and revolving funds, ensuring their timely replenishment.
  • Prepare or update reports on petty cash funds and revolving funds daily.
  • Release check payments to external vendors, suppliers and other external parties and payments due employees and other internal parties.
  • Safekeep checks and funds pending release to appropriate parties as well as duplicate copy of vouchers for released checks.
  • Forward vouchers of released checks along with complete attachments as well as stale checks for filing and proper disposition.
  • Maintain shared file of disbursements for monitoring and reference especially the status of checks/funds for release.
  • Coordinate with banks particularly for various requirements including reservation of USD withdrawal, receipt of passbooks and credit/debit memos.
  • Handle queries on availability of checks/funds for release; notify concerned internal parties about such availability.

Other Tasks

  • Communicate and coordinate with external and internal parties regarding various concerns involving the cashiering function as necessary.
  • Prepare journal entries for miscellaneous receipts, bank charges on inward remittances and merchant fees on credit card receipts monthly.
  • Prepare assigned schedules related to external audit.
  • Safekeep accountable documents particularly unused official receipts, triplicate copy of issued official receipts/check vouchers and used/current passbooks.
  • Ensure availability of blank official receipts for issuance.

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