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CRM Coordinator


Coordinates and implements customer focused solutions while handling the Institute’s end-to-end customer lifecycle process, as well as develops and recommends highly-targeted marketing strategies based on data, to meet overall business targets.

  • Qualifications
  • Responsibilities


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Management Information Systems, Communications Technology, Management, Business Administration, or other similar program

Minimum experience

  • 4 years of relevant experience in CRM or Digital Marketing

Business Understanding

  • Functional areas of Marketing and Information Technology
  • Ensures the efficient and effective implementation of the Institute’s customer lifecycle, ensuring that SLA’s at each stage of the lifecycle are met
  • Collaborates with internal clients in the development of highly-targeted marketing activities based on data and proper database segmentation and profiling
  • Ensures full compliance of internal clients to the CRM-prescribed business processes (i.e. proper campaign tracking, compliance to contact policy, etc.)
  • Continuously provides innovative ways in improving customer experiences across all stages of the lifecycle, aimed at improving overall customer lifetime value
  • Provides the business with recommendations and actionable insights based on data

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