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Guidance Counselor


  • Qualifications
  • Responsibilities

Academic Qualifications


  • Post Graduate Degree in Counselling or Psychology; Guidance Councilor PRC License


  • At least 5 years of experience as a guidance counselor
  • Preferably, with counseling experience with foreign nationals or any diverse group

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Counsels individuals and small groups on the basis of student and school needs.
  • Evaluates students’ abilities and interests through aptitude assessments, interviews, and individual planning.
  • Proposes, implements, and monitors a comprehensive and holistic counseling program that applies developmental, preventive, and remedial strategies such as but not limited to seminars, workshops, counseling sessions, etc.
  • Maintains, updates, and safekeeps the records of each student. Ensures confidentiality of client information and cases being handled. Discloses information aligned to the ethical standards and guidelines of counselors and helping professionals.
  • Liaises, consults, and coordinates, as necessary, with the Institute physicians, academic staff, and other individuals to address issues raised by the student-client/s.
  • Extends counseling sessions with the staff and faculty, as need arises. Provides instructions in pro-social skills, self-esteem, and work-life balance/integration.

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