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Project Officer IV (Senior Data Scientist) (Project-Based) Unistar ARMAS


The Project Officer IV (Senior Data Scientist) is expected to work with cross-functional team members in delivering high quality outputs for the DOST-CRADLE grant project titled, “Unistar Automated Repossessed Motorcycle Assessment System (Unistar ARMAS)”. Within the scope of the project, s/he will be responsible in communicating with all stakeholders and partners, in overseeing the progress of the project, and ensuring that outcomes are accomplished in line with the proposed workplan. More generally, s/he will help in the facilitation and implementation of various initiatives of ACCeSs lab that aims to lead and promote the use of data science, artificial intelligence, and computational models to help industries, government agencies, and other sectors to innovate.

  • Qualifications
  • Responsibilities


  • At least a doctorate degree in operations research, statistics, math, physics, mechanical engineering, machine learning or a related quantitative discipline;

Minimum experience

  • At least five (5) years of research experience; Possesses excellent communication and presentation skills, strong coding, problem-solving and data engineering skills.
  • Shall be the technical lead in the research and development efforts of the ACCeSs@AIM’s team implementation of the DOST CRADLE Project titled, “Unistar Automated Repossessed Motorcycle Assessment System (Unistar ARMAS)”, including developing machine learning and agent-based simulation models, and coordinating with project partners from the Unistar Credit and Finance Corp.
  • Coordinate with UNISTAR in the collection and collation of both motorcycle image data and audio recording data.
  • Take a lead role in writing and submitting research articles for journal or conference publication under Unistar ARMAS.
  • Spearhead regular reporting of project progress and milestones to all project stakeholders.
  • Collaborate with scientists and other team members of ACCeSs@AIM to achieve project and research lab goals.
  • Coordinate with UNISTAR in integration and operationalization of the developed models into UNISTAR’s existing systems.
  • Develop, manage, and support program partnerships and relationships within and outside the institute.
  • Continue to upskill and reskill as a research scientist at ACCeSs@AIM.
  • Teach/assist/mentor students in AIM, as requested; and,
  • Perform ad hoc tasks relevant to the position as needed.

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