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Records and Admissions Associate


The Records and Admissions Associate monitors admissions data and assists the Office of the Registrar & Student Experience by preparing, monitoring, and providing accurate data management support.

  • Qualifications
  • Responsibilities


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Management, Educational Administration, or Student Services

Minimum Experience

  • 2 years of relevant experience in admissions, student affairs or registrarship work; exposure with international students is an advantage
  • Produces weekly reports and statistics specifically related to recruitment and admission, or as required.
  • Ensures application files/documents are correctly managed, including the creation of new intake applicant/ candidate files with all required application data and requirements collected from applicants are accurately entered into AIM’s database systems in a timely manner. Recommends needed updates for the Student Information System.
  • Assists in the tracking of students’ academic records, scholarships, and student visa or clearance status. Establishes and maintains relationships with other schools/ universities involved in the admission verification process.
  • Liaises with the recruitment team to obtain weekly updates and details on calls made on leads, applications, and acceptance-offered candidates and sends reminders to the team regarding their admission deadlines.
  • Serves as front liner for internal and external inquiries about the Institute’s admissions/ enrollment policies and procedures ( e.g. AIMAT, qualifications, loan requirements, scholarships, visa processing, etc.)
  • Conducts the administration of the AIM Admissions Test (AIMAT), coordinates with local and international testing partners, and handles the processing of loan applications, as well as the filing of visa authorization requests

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