• Natural Resources and Environmental Economics, Energy Economics, Development Economics

Research Interests

  • Agricultural, natural resources, forestry, energy and environmental economics
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Herath Mudiyanselage Gunatilake

Adjunct Faculty

Academic Background

  • Ph.D. in Agricultural and Resource Economics, 1998, University of Hawaii, USA
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Sustainable Agriculture, 1989, Agricultural University of Norway, Norway.
  • Master of Science in Natural Resource Management, 1990, Agricultural University of Norway, Norway
  • Bachelor of Science (Agriculture) Hons., 1985, University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka.

Professional and Academic Experience

  • ADB – Principal Energy Economist: From 07 August 2009 to 30 June 2012.
  • ADB - Senior Economist, Economics Research Department: From 17 August 2006 to 06 August 2009.
  • ADB - Project Economist (Natural Resources), Cental and West Asia Department: From 01 May 2006 to 16 August 2006.
  • ADB - Project Economist (Natural Resources), Mekong Department: From 15 August 2005 to 30 April 2006.
  • ADB - Environment Specialist, Mekong Department: From 13 February 2004 to 14 August 2005.
  • Professor, University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka:
    I had been serving as a university teacher since 1986. I served as the Professor in Environmental Economics from March14, 2003 to February 12, 2004. I joined University of Peradeniya on 06 January, 1986 as an Assistant Lecturer.

Administrative positions:

  • Director, Environment and Safeguards Division, ADB.
    Officer-in-Charge (OIC), Economics Research Department and South Asia Energy Division in ADB : I served as the OIC of EREA and SAEN since 2006 for about 45 days per year.
  • Acting Director, Postgraduate Institute of Agriculture, University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka, September 26-30, 2002.
  • Head of the Department, Department of Agricultural Economics University of Peradeniya, from August 2001 to February 2004.
  • Chairman of the Graduate Studies Program in Agricultural Economics at Postgraduate Institute of Agriculture, University of Peradeniya, from January 2001 to February 2004
  • Co-ordinator of the M.Sc. programs in Environmental Economics and Natural Resource Management at the Postgraduate Institute of Agriculture, from January 1999 to February 2004.
  • Resource Economist, Sri Lanka Forestry Sector Master Plan Revision Project, I served in this position at the Ministry of Forestry and Environment in Sri Lanka, from September 1993 to July 1994.

Affiliations, Awards, and Honors

ADB Awards

  • ADB, Energy Community of Practice (CoP) Award for Initiative and Leadership in Knowledge Production, 2013.
  • ADB, South asia Department (SARD) Award for Most Significant Contribution to Knowledge Management, 2012.
  • ADB, SARD Award for Most Significant Contribution to Knowledge Management, 2011.
  • ADB, SARD Award for Most Efficient Project Processing, 2011.
  • SARD Award for Best Effort for Gender Equality and Social Inclusion, 2011.
  • SARD Award for Most Significant Contribution to Knowledge Management, 2010.

Professional Training in the Field of Expertise

  • Leadership for Sustainable Development, Cambridge University, UK, 2011.
  • Training program on Environmental Economics and Policy Analysis at the Harvard University, USA, June -July, 1993.
  • Training program in Design and Selection of Economic Policy Instruments for the Environment at the Gothenburg University, Sweden, September - October 1999.
  • Training program in Environmental Valuation at the Gothenburg University, Sweden, November-December 2000.
  • Training in Coastal Ecology organised by Economy and Environment Program for South East Asia, May 2001.
  • In-house training in ADB on Economic Analysis of Investment Projects, Project Implementation, Orientation on Environmental and Social Safeguards, Training on COSTAB, Utility Tariff Setting, Team Building, Managing Teams and Assessment and Development Center.
  • Global Environmental Facility (GEF) Familiarization Seminar in Washington D.C.

Academic/Professional Credentials:

  • Member, Community of Practice committees in Energy and Environment.
  • Represented ERD in the Committee for development of ADB Results Framework.
  • Member, Steering Committee, Poverty and Environment Program of ADB.
  • Board Member of the South Asian Network for Development and Environmental Economics (SANDEE), 2007-2013.
  • Designed and conducted international workshops on Environmental Economics and Econometrics for Environmental Economists in South Asian Countries.
  • Served as a resource person, Keynote Speaker in a number of international conferences.
  • Obtained Presidential Research Awards (Sri Lanka) in the year 2001
  • Served as a teaching fellow in the Harvard University summer training program in Environmental Economics, 1998.
  • Served as a consultant/advisor in a number of national and regional development/environmental projects funded by donor agencies.
  • Co-editor, Sri Lankan Journal of Agricultural Economics from 2000-2003.
  • Technical Editor for SANDEE, 2002-2003.
  • Visiting Research Fellow, Department of Economics, Gothenburg University, Sweden, 2000- 2004.

Selected ADB Publications

  • Energy Policy Options for Sustainable Development in Bangladesh, ERD Working Paper Series, 2013.
  • Opportunity Cost of Natural Gas Subsidies in Bangladesh. SARD Working Paper, forthcoming.
  • Willingness to Pay for Good Quality, Uninterrupted Power Supply in Madhya Pradesh. SARD Working Paper, 2012.
  • Valuing Electricity Service Attributes. A Choice Experiment Study in Madhya Pradesh, India. ERD working Paper Series. 2012.
  • Willingness to Pay for Improved Water Services and Inclusive Tariff Design in Khulna, Bangladesh, South Asia Department Working Paper Series. 2012.
  • Financial Sector Development, Economic Growth, and Poverty Reduction: A Literature Review, 2009. ERD publication, Available:
  • Privatization Revisited: Lessons from Private Sector Participation in Water Supply and Sanitation in Developing Countries, 2008. ERD Working Paper 115. Available:
  • Economy Wide Impacts of Biopdiesel Production in India: A Computable General Equilibrium Assessment, 2011. South Asia Working Paper Series, Available:
  • Privatization Revisited: Lessons from Private Sector Participation in Water Supply and Sanitation in Developing Countries, 2008. ERD Working Paper 115. Available:
  • Time Preference and Natural Resource Use by Local Communities: The Case of Sinharaja Forest in Sri Lanka, 2007. ERD Working Paper No. 100. Available:


  • Cost Benefit Analysis for Development: A Practical Guide, ADB publication
  • Energy Trade in South Asia: Opportunities and Challenges, ADB publication.
  • Food Security, Energy Security and Inclusive Growth in India: The Role of Biofuels, 2011. ADB publication
  • Environmental Valuation: Theory and Applications 2003. Postgraduate Institute of Agriculture, University of Peradeniya, Peradeniya, Sri Lanka
  • Essays in Development Issues: Felicitation Volume in Honor of Prof. T. Jogaratnam, 2002 Sri Lankan Agricultural Economics Association, Peradeniya, Sri Lanka.
  • Introductory Resource Economics 2000. (in local language). Published with the financial support from Economy and Environment Program for Southeast Asia.

Selected Journal Articles

  • Gunatilake, H.M. and M. Tachiri, 2014. Willingness to Pay for Improved Water Services and Inclusive Tariff Design in Khulna, Bangladesh. Journal of Sustainable Development, (5):212-230.
  • Gunatilake H.M, and P. Abeygunawardena, 2013. Energy Security, Food Security and Economics of Sugarcane Bioethanol in India. Journal of Sustainable Development, 7(1):33-45.
  • Gunatilake H.M, D. Roland-Holst, 2013 . Energy Security for India: Biofuels, Energy Efficiency and Food Productivity. Energy Policy, 65: 761-67
  • Gunatilake H.M, M.N Murti and S. Patail, 2013. Willingness to Pay for Electricity Supply Improvements in Rural India. Resources Energy and Development, 10(2):55-78.
  • Gunatilake, H.M. R.V. Fabella, and A. Lagman-Martin. Foreign Aid, Aid Effectiveness and New Aid Paradigm: A Review. Sri Lanka Journal of Agricultural Economics, 39-81
  • Gunatilake H.M. 2012. Financial and Economic Assessment of Bio Diesel Production and Use in India. Resources Energy and Development, 9(2): 59-78.
  • Gunatilake H.M. and C. Gopalakrishnan, 2011. Technical Efficiency of Sawmilling and Conservation of Natural Forests: Evidence from Sri Lanka. Journal of Natural Resources Policy Research Vol. 2 No 2: 149-169. 10.
  • Gunatilake, H.M. W.A.R. Wickramasinghe and C. Gopalkrishnanan 2005. An Assessment of Demand for Non-timber Forest Products in the Sinharaja Forest of Sri Lanka. Agroforest Systems, 65(1): 13-22.
  • Gunatilake, H.M. and U. Chakravorty, 2002. Protecting Forests through Farming. Environmental and Resource Economics, 24: 1-26.
  • Gunatilake H.M. and C. Gopalkrishnan 2001. Proposed Water Policy for Sri Lanka. The Policy versus Policy Process. International Journal of Water Resource Developmen,18(2),545-562.
  • Gunatilake, H.M., 1998. The Role of Rural Development in Protecting Tropical Rain Forests: Evidence from Sri Lanka. Journal of Environmental Management, 53, 273-292.

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