• Financial Markets, Investments and Trading, Asset Valuation

Research Interests

  • Asset Pricing, Governance, Macro-Economics, Liquidity, Cryptocurrencies
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Daniel Dupuis, PhD

Associate Professor

Academic Background

  • PhD in Finance, Molson School of Business, Concordia University, Canada
  • Master of Business Administration, Athabasca University, Canada
  • Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering, Ecole Polytechnique, Université de Montréal, Canada

Professional and Academic Experience

  • Associate Professor of Finance, American University of Sharjah, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
  • Assistant Professor of Finance, University of Sherbrooke, Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada
  • Professor (roving), International Programs, Université de Sherbrooke, and Université du Québec à Montréal
  • Director of Financial Research and Trading, Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada
  • Owner and Manager, Private Real Estate Investments, International
  • Derivatives Floor Trader, Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Chicago and Toronto Futures Exchange, Toronto
  • Account Executive, Royal Bank Global Securities Services, Toronto


  • Dupuis, D., Smith, D., Gleason, K., & Kannan, Y. (2023). Bitcoins and Beyond: Crypto-asset considerations for auditors/forensic accountants. Journal of Forensic and Investigative Accounting, 15(3), 489-510.
  • Dupuis, D., Gleason, K., & Wang, Z. (2022). Money laundering in a CBDC world: A game of cats and mice. Journal of Financial Crime, 29(1), 171-184.
  • Dupuis, D., Smith, D., & Gleason, K. (2021). Old frauds with a new sauce: Digital assets and space transition. Journal of Financial Crime.
  • Dupuis, D., Bodolica, V., & Spraggon, M. (2021). Informational efficiency and governance in restricted share settings: Boosting family business leaders' financing decisions. Management Decision, 59(12), 2864-2890.
  • Dupuis, D., & Gleason, K. (2020). Money laundering with cryptocurrency: Open doors and the regulatory dialectic. Journal of Financial Crime, 28(1), 60-74.
  • Bodolica, V., Dupuis, D. & Spraggon, M. (2020). At the intersection of corporate governance and performance in family business settings: Extant knowledge and future research. Business Ethics: A European Review (now Business Ethics, the Environment, and Responsibility), 29(1), 143-166.
  • Dupuis, D. (2019). Ex-dividend day price behavior and liquidity in a tax-free emerging market. Emerging Markets Review, 38, 239-250.


  • Dupuis, D., Bodolica, V., & Spraggon, M. (2021). Free-float liquidity and trading constraints: Enhancing family firms’ financing decisions. Academy of Management Annual Meeting Proceedings, 1.


  • Dupuis, D. (2022). Liquidity and ex-dividend behavior in emerging markets. In D. Nguyen (Ed.), Handbook of banking and finance in emerging markets. United Kingdom: Edward Elgar Publishing.
  • Dupuis, D. (2018). Familial identification and governance arrangements in UAE-based family firms. In D. Jamali, V. Bodolica, & Y. Lapina (Eds.), Corporate governance in Arab countries: Specifics & outlooks (pp. 133–152). Sumy, Ukraine: Virtus Interpress.

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