• Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Applications of Data Science, Project Management, Python R Programming, Data Visualization, Data Mining, Advanced Data Structure, Operating System

Research Interests

  • Machine Learning; Artificial Intelligence; Sentiment Analysis; Block Chain; Predictive Analytics; Deep Learning; Text Summarization; Speech to Text Recognition
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Madhavi Devaraj, PhD

Associate Professor


  • PhD in Computer Science, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Technical University, India
  • Master of Philosophy in Computer Science, Madurai Kamaraj University, India
  • Master of Computer Applications, Madurai Kamaraj University, India
  • BSc in Mathematics, Bharathidasan University, India

Professional and Academic Experience

  • Distinguished Professor, Mapua University, Philippines
  • Assistant Professor, Babu Banarasi Das University,India
  • Guest Lecturer, National PG College, India
  • Academic Counselor, Indira Gandhi National Open University, India
  • Lecturer, Invertis University, India
  • Part-time Associate Faculty, UPTECH Consultancy Ltd, India
  • Data Science lead, Accenture Technology, Manila, Philippines

Peer-reviewed Journal

  • Piryani, R., Devaraj, M., & Singh, V. K. (2017). Analytical mapping of opinion mining and sentiment analysis research during 2000–2015. Information Processing and Management, 53(1), 122-150.

Peer-reviewed Conference Proceedings

  • Fernandez, A. C., & Devaraj, M. (2019). Computing the linguistic-based cues of fake news in the Philippines towards its detection. Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Web Intelligence, Mining and Semantics (pp. 1-9). United States of America: Association for Computing Machinery.
  • de Goma, J. C., Ammuyutan, L. A., Capulong, H. L., Naranjo, K. P., & Devaraj, M. (2019). Vehicular obstruction detection in the zebra lane using Computer Vision. 2019 IEEE 6th International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Applications (ICIEA) (pp. 362 - 366). United States of America: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. doi:10.1109/IEA.2019.8715022.
  • De Guia, J. M., Devaraj, M., & Leung, C. K. (2019). DeepGx: deep learning using gene expression for cancer classification. In F. Spezzano, W. Chen, & X. Xiao (Ed.), Proceedings of the 2019 IEEE/ACM International Conference on Advances in Social Networks Analysis and Mining (pp. 913–920). United States of America: Association for Computing Machinery.
  • De Castro, M. J., De Goma, J. C., Devaraj, M., Lopez, J. P., & Medina, J. R. (2018). Distraction detection through facial attributes of transport network vehicle service drivers. Proceedings of the 2018 International Conference on Information Hiding and Image Processing (pp. 112–118). United States of America: Association for Computing Machinery.
  • Piryani, R., Uddin, A., Devaraj, M., & Singh, V. K. (2013). An algorithmic formulation for extracting learning concepts and their relatedness in eBook texts. In R. Prasath, & T. Kathirvalavakumar (Ed.), Mining Intelligence and Knowledge Exploration. 8284, pp. 529-540. Switzerland: Springer, Cham.

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