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Erik Wetter, PhD

Visiting Professor


  • PhD Business and Economics, Stockholm School of Economics
  • DHS (B.Sc. & M.Sc.), Stockholm School of Economics
  • International Teachers Programme (ITP), SDA Bocconi

Professional and Academic Experience

  • 2009 – present Assistant professor, Stockholm School of Economics (SSE)
  • 2011 – present Co-founder and Chairman, Flowminder Foundation
  • Executive Director, SSE Business Lab
  • Visiting professor, SciencesPo Paris
  • Visiting professor, ESSEC Business School, Paris
  • Research analyst, Swedish National Defence College
  • Member, SSE MBA Admission Board


  • 2018 – present Board member PARIS21
  • 2016 – Present Advisory board member, DataPop Alliance
  • Academic Advisor, SSE Business Lab
  • Member of SSE MBA Admissions Board


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