Demo Day

Everything that the students have learned from the Master of Science in Innovation and Business (MSIB) program will ultimately contribute to creating solutions for their industry of choice. The Demo Day is staged at the end of their ten-month journey to serve as a platform for the students to showcase their innovations and pitch their businesses to venture capitalists, angel investors, industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and potential partners.

Class of 2018

Resonance: Innovations that Matter

After the success of the pioneer batch last year, the spotlight is now on the golden batch of MSIB students. Challenged to create solutions that resonate with the needs of society, the MSIB Batch 2018 are ready to present the fruits of their innovation journey to the public.

  • Admit

    Admit is a healthcare platform that enables patients to have seamless transactions with their medical appointments.

    Admit by Neil Lomibao & Marj Santillan
  • Emerald District

    Emerald District is a platform that assists Autism Care Teams track progress, collaborate and execute their programs.

    Emerald District by Henry Lachica & Nesty Tumbaga
  • Eve

    Eve is an event planning platform that simplifies corporate event planning.

    Eve by Cam Ang & Jana Velilla
  • is a fintech startup that utilizes chatbots and AI to help seafarers gain financial freedom.

    Finko by Eps Labrador & Ram Macasaet
  • Food Fairy

    Food Fairy is a subscription of customizable guilt-free snack box for people seeking variety.

    Food Fairy by Jem Almadrones
  • ImpactVille

    ImpactVille is a tracker that measures the impact of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects of organizations.

    Impactville by Marc Constantino & Toffee Perez
  • Loadgistics

    Loadgistics helps MSMEs to affordably transport goods from point A to point B

    Loadgistics by Paolo Mariano & Floyd Siy
  • Lori

    Lori is a virtual assistant helping commuters make carpool arrangements within their Facebook network.

    Lori by Bryan Bautista & Sheena Lao
  • Omnibus

    Omnibus is a cloud-based management platform for legal practitioners.

    Omnibus by JM Herrera & MP Navata
  • Pillventory

    Pillventory is a mobile app-based inventory management system specially designed for small drugstores.

    Pillventory by Trina Paz
  • SolvEd

    SolvEd enables student-to-student peer tutoring when it matters most.

    Solved by Justin Nery & Mark Yap
  • Spign

    Spign is an artificial intelligence-guided communication platform for people with hearing impairment.

    Spign by Aliyuslita & Edward Apigo

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