Leadership and Management of Change for Development Managers LMC/DM is a one-week course on organizational leadership and organizational change using the Bridging Leadership approach.

Bridging Leadership

Bridging Leadership is a management approach that promotes processes that address social inequities. It focuses on leading collaborative action to bring about social change.

It involves three main segments: Building Ownership of the response, Developing Co-Ownership with other stakeholders, and together engaging in the co-creation of better, more inclusive societies.


Through an integration of presentations, case studies, practical exercises, and group discussions, participants will gain valuable understanding of complementary approaches.


Participants are expected to:

  • achieve an in-depth understanding of social, political, ecological, and cultural dimensions of development including emerging trends and issues;
  • enhance skills and capabilities in developing strategies for managing and leading organizations, systems and structures for the implementation of development initiatives and institutions; and
  • be able to formulate strategies for long-term viability and sustainability of development initiatives and institutions.


  • Making sense
    • Making sense of the environment we operate in
    • Making sense of where we are and our desired future
  • Understanding and addressing the divide we own
    • Understanding complex issues through Systems Thinking
  • Leading change amidst complexity
  • Engaging others in leading change
    • Leading change with others
    • Conversations for the 21st century
  • Creating and sustaining change
    • Creating strategies for change
    • Sustaining institutional change
  • Designing our desired change