The success of a project relies on the competence of its Project Manager. Leadership in Project Management  (LPM) is a five-day course designed to enhance the competencies of Project Managers (or those planning to become one). The course covers the key responsibilities and competencies required to lead and implement public and private sector projects.

Each participant will learn the skills in financial management, monitoring and control, and managing the project team. Case studies and problem exercises will be used extensively in honing these skills.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the LPM course, each participant will have sharpened their skills and learned how to use the tools required of an effective Project Manager, which include:

  • project leadership and communication;
  • managing project teams;
  • project controls;
  • project implementation;
  • procurement and contract administration; and
  • project completion.



Target Participants

Project Managers Development Practitioners Project Analysts