Through this program, we help companies redefine their business and provide differentiated value to customers by creating new products and services, improving customer service, and arriving at breakthrough innovative strategies.

Target Participants

Upper Level and Mid-Level Managers Strategy Implementation Product Development Functional Managers Management Committee Members


  • Innovative Vision and Mission
  • CSI Frameworks
  • Breakthrough: Thinking Inside/Outside the Box
  • White Space Opportunities
  • Creating Value for Overserved, Underserved, and Unserved Customers
  • Responding to Unmet/Unarticulated Needs
  • Disruptive Innovation
  • Blue Ocean Thinking
  • Strategic Alignment/Fit
  • Developing and Nurturing an Environment of Innovation
  • Role of Top Management in the Innovation Process
  • CSI Workbook (on-the-job application)