Finance for Non-Finance Managers (FNFM) addresses the needs of functional managers and executives from various fields of specialization who want to gain a more integrated perspective of the inter-related functions of a firm. The course provides an understanding of the financial tools and techniques and their application to various managerial functions and strategic decisions. The program’s tiered structure is appropriate for managers and executives with varying levels of familiarity with financial management concepts and processes.

Target Participants

Officers and Managers of enabling functions Leaders of business units and executives of business organizations Family Corporations Non-Profit Organizations


Managerial Use of Financial Statements

  • International Financial Reporting Landscape: Implications to Financial Statements
  • The Structure and Contents of the Financial Statements
  • Dissecting Risks in the Financial Statements

Managing Financial Performance

  • Tools and Techniques of Financial Analysis
  • The Du Pont Method of Financial Analysis
  • A Closer Look at ROA and ROE

Managing Cost and Profit

  • Understanding Costs for Management Decisions
  • Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis
  • Customer Profitability Analysis

Short Term Financial Planning

  • Working Capital Management
  • Cash Budget and Management
  • Receivable and Inventory Management

Capital Budgeting and Long-Term Decisions

  • Use of Time Value of Money in Capital Budgeting
  • Evaluating Capital Expenditures