Asian Hub for future-ready leaders

Aboitiz School of Innovation, Technology, and Entrepreneurship (ASITE)

This is where future-ready leaders are honed and nurtured. These leaders will be comfortable with uncertainty, adept at handling issues, and confident about executing decisions in a rapidly changing environment.

By collocating innovators, data scientists, and entrepreneurs, ASITE is positioned to be a catalyst for generating impact, powering innovation, and creating value in the Asian context.

ASITE will also have an in-house data science and advanced analytics laboratory to support and thread these three programs.

The School’s Analytics, Computing, and Complex Systems or ACCeSs lab is envisioned to lead and promote the use of data science, artificial intelligence, and various computational models to drive industries, government agencies, and other sectors to innovate.

Aside from full-time, world-class data scientists and engineers, ACCeSs@AIM also houses a 500-teraflop computing facility. This supercomputer easily makes the world’s top 500 in terms of technological power and sophistication.

ASITE was established in line with AIM’s vision to develop managers, entrepreneurs, and leaders who can deliver meaningful and sustainable growth for Asian business and society.


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