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Corporate Communications Supervisor


To coordinate, prepare and develop PR and Media strategies for Schools, ARO, CSO, DBI and other non-school units (Centers) to ensure that the overall objectives of all units are achieved, and messaging is consistent with AIM’s corporate identity.

  • Qualifications
  • Responsibilities


  • Any course related to communications (Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism, BSC-Marketing)

Minimum experience

  • Should at least have 3 years working in corporate communications or marketing department, with above-average writing skills, have experience handling at some point the above job specifications.

Business Understanding

  • Should be passionate about understanding and learning the business of AIM


  • Interfaces with IMSG AMMs and Corp Comm Coordinator for PR requirements of Schools, ARO, CSO, DBI and non-school units (Centers):
    • Planning
    • PR Plan Development
    • Implementation
    • Tracking
    • Post-Evaluation and Recommendation
  • Assists in building the company’s positive influence in the media (all forms) and public relations. Coordinates press launches, media releases and coverage. Monitors news mentions and devises a plan to address negative or unfavorable press coverage or misinformation.
  • Liaises with various IMSG units (Creatives, AMMs, Digital Marketing, Brand Development, Marketing Research & Analytics, etc.) to execute and operationalize the plans of the unit to ensure on time delivery of projects.
  • Engages PR agencies and media outlets for the development of PR materials, and media planning and implementation, if needed.
  • Supports IMSG units (Creatives, AMMs, Digital Marketing, Brand Development, Marketing Research & Analytics, etc.) in planning and implementing IMSG initiatives.

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