Gov. Jose B. Fernandez, Jr. Center for Sustainable Finance

The Center for Banking and Finance

In September 1994, Far East Bank and Trust Company and the Asian Institute of Management launched the Gov. Jose B. Fernandez, Jr. Center for Banking and Finance (JBF) to honor of the late Philippine Central Bank Governor Jose B. Fernandez, Jr. 

The Center’s mandate focuses on encouraging the research and discussion of issues in the financial services industry, improving the competence of Asian financial managers, forging beneficial alliances among business institutions in Asia, and promoting Asian arts and culture in the business community.

The Objectives of the JBF Center are:

  • to conduct research on policy issues that affect the banking industry and other allied services in the financial and capital markets in the Philippines and the Asia-Pacific region,
  • to train and develop competent managers for the banking and financial services industries in the region,
  • to promote the forging of beneficial business alliances in the region and
  • to provide a forum for the discussion of important issues affecting the banking and finance sectors.

Our Benefactor

Jose "Jobo" B. Fernandez, Jr., former Philippine Central Bank Governor, was a pillar of strength, and an acknowledged leader in the private commercial banking sector.

It had always been Jobo's dream to establish his own bank. He wanted to organize a bank whose ownership was diversified. During those days, local private banks, including PBC, were all family-owned and managed. In 1959, with the encouragement of his friend, Washington SyCip, Jobo took the risk of organizing a truly professional bank, giving birth to the Far East Bank and Trust Company (FEBTC). He was, at 36, the country's youngest bank president.

He was President of the Bankers Association of the Philippines (BAP) for three years and was regularly invited to attend annual meetings of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development of the World Bank. He was also one of the pioneers in the establishment of the Pacific Basin Economic Council (PBEC) in 1967. PBEC is an international forum that foreshadowed the establishment of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Council (APEC). As an industry leader, one of his enduring legacies is his immense contribution to the training of competent managers in the Philippine banking and financial service sectors.

The Language of Business (LOB) Seminar for Journalists

The Language of Business (LOB) Seminar aims to help journalists understand key issues related to corporate finance, strategy, and marketing. It also addresses trends and innovations that are shaping today's business landscape. 

It aims to enrich the participants’ understanding of business and finance while working to uphold the standards of responsible business journalism.

The Language of Economics

The Language of Economics (LOE) Seminar is designed to strengthen the capacity of media organizations and journalists in the Philippines to cover economic, political, and social change, increasing government transparency, and accountability. Designed for print and broadcast journalists who cover economics, development programs, and business, the LOE Seminar combines work on key economic concepts with practical, journalistic exercises. It promotes a deep appreciation for the role journalists play as active participants in the country’s drive for sustainable growth. 

As different areas have different needs, the seminar also targets the provincial affiliation and organizational needs of each participant. In some areas for instance, the greatest need would be for improving local management skills and the viability of news organizations, while in others, it may be for alleviating poverty and unemployment. The LOE Seminar addresses these specific needs to better understand how such pressing issues, like the worsening political climate or legal environment of their respective provinces or cities, can best be handled.

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