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Business and Development Research, otherwise known as the AIM Working Paper Series, disseminates work-in-progress research papers to encourage the exchange of ideas about business and development issues. The views expressed in the papers are the views of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views or policies of the Institute or its affiliated Centers. E-copies of the Working Papers are available for personal and non-commercial use.


Agency-driven post-disaster recovery: A comparative study of three Typhoon Washi resettlement communities in the Philippines

International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction
Vol 27 | Pages 480-489 | | March 2018
J. Sedfrey S. Santiago, Wilfred S. Manuela Jr., PhD, Marion Lara L. Tan, Siegfried Kiel B.Saňez, & Aldo Zelig U. Tong

Characterisation and comparison of spatial patterns in urban systems: A case study of U.S. cities

Journal of Computational Science
Vol 24 | Pages 34-43 | January 2018
Hoai Nguyen Huynh, Evgeny Makarov, Erika Fille Legara, PhD, Christopher Monterola, PhD, & Lock Yue Chew

Indulgence versus restraint: The moderating role of cultural differences on the relationship between corporate social performance and corporate financial performance

Journal of Global Marketing | May 2018
Jieqiong Sun, Shijin Yoo, Jimi Park, PhD, & Babak Hayati, PhD


ASEAN Champions Emerging Stalwarts in Regional Integration

Book | 3 February 2017
Seung Ho Park, Gerardo Rivera Ungson, & Jamil Paolo S. Francisco, PhD

Another Look at Demand-Side Digital Piracy

DLSU Business & Economics Review
Vol 26, No. 2 | 2017
Andrea L. Santiago, PhD

Coming to America: work visas, international diversity, and organizational attractiveness among highly skilled Asian immigrants

The International Journal of Human Resource Management | 2017
Jason R. Lambert, Dynah A. Basuil, PhD, Myrtle P. Bell, & Dennis J. Marquardt

Developing a crowdsourcing approach and tool for Pharmacovigilance education material delivery

Drug Safety
Vol 40, Is 3 | Pages 191-199 | doi: 10.1007/s40264-016-0495-9 | 2017
Andrew Bate, Jürgen Beckmann, Alexander N. O. Dodoo, Linda Härmark, Kenneth Hartigan-Go, MD, MD (UK), Anna Hegerius, Marie Lindquist, Eugène P van Puijenbroek, & Marco Tuccori, Ulrich Hagemann

Sales force leadership during strategy implementation: a social network perspective

Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science
Vol 46, Is 4 | Pages 612–631 | July 2018
Babak Hayati, PhD, Yashar Atefi, & Michael Ahearne

The impact of inertia as mediator and antecedent on consumer loyalty and continuance intention

International Journal of Customer Relationship Marketing and Management
Vol 8, Is 2 | DOI: 10.4018/IJCRMM.2017040101 | 2017
Donald Louis Amoroso, PhD, Pajaree Ackaradejruangsri, PhD, & Ricardo A. Lim, PhD

The mediating effects of habit on continuance intention

International Journal of Information Management
Vol 37, Is 6 | Pages 693-702 | | December 2017
Donald Amoroso, PhD, & Ricardo A. Lim, PhD

Value creation in cross-border acquisitions: The role of outside directors' human and social capital

Journal of Business Research
Vol 80 | Pages 35-44 | | November 2017
Dynah A. Basuil, PhD, & Deepak K. Datta


Alternative framework for renewable energy planning in the Philippines

Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews
Vol 59 | | 2016
Fernando Martin Y. Roxas, PhD, & Andrea L. Santiago, PhD

An analysis of Delta Air Lines' oil refinery acquisition

Research in Transportation Economics
Vol 56 | 10.1016/j.retrec.2016.07.005 | 2016
Wilfred S. Manuela Jr., PhD, Dawna L. Rhoades, & Tamilla Curtis

Contributions and challenges for worldwide vaccine safety: The global advisory committee on vaccine safety at 15 years

Vol 34, Is 29 | Pages 3342-3349 |2016
Edwin J. Asturias, Melinda Wharton, Robert Pless, Noni E. MacDonald, Robert T. Chen, Nicholas Andrews, David Salisbury, Alexander N. Dodoo, Kenneth Hartigan-Go, MD, MD (UK), & Patrick L.F. Zuberk

Corporate social innovation: How firms learn to innovate for the greater good

Journal of Business Research
Vol 69, Is 11 | Pages 5014-5021 | | November 2016
Philip Mirvis, Maria Elena B. Herrera, PhD, Bradley Googins, & Laura Albareda

Family-supportive supervision and affective commitment: The role of shared family-related demographics

Human Resource Management Journal
DOI: 10.1111/1748-8583.12120 | 2016
Dynah A. Basuil, PhD, Jennifer G. Manegold, & Wendy J. Casper

Going Global Together

Book | ISBN 978-971-679-099-3 | 2016
Maria Elena B. Herrera, PhD, & Federico M. Macaranas, PhD

Green Cross and the Gonzalo Co story

The CASE Journal | 2016
Andrea L. Santiago, PhD, & Fernando Martin Y. Roxas, PhD

Innovation for impact: Business innovation for inclusive growth

Journal of Business Research
Vol 69, Is 5 | Pages 1725-1730 | May 2016
Maria Elena B. Herrera, PhD

Resilience of firms to economic and climate shocks: Initial insights from Philippine SMEs

International Journal of Small and Medium Enterprises and Business Sustainability
Vol 1, No.3 | Pages 78 - 113 | March 2016
Jamil Paolo S. Francisco, PhD, Ailyn Lau, & Ronald U. Mendoza, PhD

Social innovation for bridging societal divides: Process or leader? A qualitative comparative analysis

Journal of Business Research
Vol 69, Is 11 | Pages 5241-5247 | November 2016
Maria Elena B. Herrera, PhD

Subordinate perceptions of family‐supportive supervision: the role of similar family‐related demographics and its effect on affective commitment

Human Resources Management Journal | 17 June 2016
Dynah A. Basuil, PhD, Jennifer G. Manegold, & Wendy J. Casper

Sustainable Philippine cities and habitat for the new millennium

Journal of Developing Societies
Vol 32, Issue 3 | | 2016
Andrea L. Santiago, PhD, & Fernando Martin Y. Roxas, PhD

The impact of self-construal and ethnicity on self-gifting behaviors

Journal of Consumer Psychology
Vol 26, Is 4 | Pages 524-534 | | October 2016
Theeranuch Pusaksrikit, & Jikyeong Kang, PhD

Towards understanding a multi-stakeholder approach in a youth leadership development program

International Journal of Public Leadership
Vol 12, Is 2 | Pages 143-153 | |2016
Manuel J. De Vera

Will contextual factors and providing the maximum price information affect people’s actual willingness-to-pay in BDM auctions? Evidence from three Asian countries

Journal of Resources and Ecology
Vol 7, Is 2 | Pages 115-121 | 10.5814/j.issn.1674-764x.2016.02.006 | 2016
Jianjun Jin, Jamil Paolo S. Francisco, PhD, Vin Spoann, Piyaluk Buddhawongsa, & Hua Ma


Action learning: cultural differences

Action Learning: Research and Practice
Vol 12, Is 2 | | 2015
Gillian Stevens, PhD, & Manuel de Vera

Catastrophic disasters as opportunities for sustainable reconstruction: The case of typhoon Yolanda

DLSU Business and Economy Review
Vol 25, No. 1 | 2015
Andrea L. Santiago, PhD, & Fernando Martin Y. Roxas, PhD

Catastrophic disasters as opportunities for sustainable reconstruction: The case of Typhoon Haiyan

DLSU Business and Economics Review
Vol 25, Is 1 | Pages 143-154 | 2015
Andrea L. Santiago, PhD, & Fernando Martin Y. Roxas, PhD

Consumer adoption and the technology acceptance model in the Philippines

Asia Pacific Journal of Information Systems
Vol 25, Is 3 | Pages 663-686 | 2015
Donald L. Amoroso, PhD, & Ricardo A. Lim, PhD

Creating competitive advantage by institutionalizing corporate social innovation

Journal of Business Research
Vol 68, Is 7 | Pages 1468-1474 | | July 2015
Maria Elena B. Herrera, PhD

Decomposing the public-private wage gap for nurses in the Philippines

Southeast Asian Journal of Economics
Vol 3, Is 1 | Pages 27-52 | June 2015
Jamil Paolo S. Francisco, PhD, & Federico M. Macaranas, PhD

Empowering consumers as contributors for health product safety: lessons from the Philippines

Drug Safety
Vol 38, Is 4 | Pages 329-35 | doi: 10.1007/s40264-015-0274-z. | 2015
Kenneth Y. Hartigan-Go, MD, MD (UK)

Exploring the personal innovativeness construct: the roles of ease of use, satisfaction and attitudes

Asia Pacific Journal of Information Systems Vol 25, No. 4 | Pages 662-685 | December 2015 Donald L. Amoroso, PhD, & Ricardo A. Lim, PhD

Feed-in tariffs as an incentive to power investments in the Philippines

Asia Pacific Business & Economics Perspectives
Vol 3, Is 2 | Pages 22-37 | Winter 2015
Martina Dampf, & Fernando Martin Y. Roxas, PhD

Grease or sand in the wheels of commerce? Firm level evidence on corruption and SMES

Journal of International Development
Vol 27, Is 4 | Pages. 415-439 | | 18 March 2015
Ronald U. Mendoza, PhD, Ricardo A. Lim, PhD, & Anne Ong Lopez

Reviving farming interest in the Philippines through agricultural entrepreneurship education

Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development
Vol 5, No. 4 | | 2015
Andrea L. Santiago, PhD, & Fernando Martin Y. Roxas, PhD

The case of the unhappy teachers

The CASE Journal | 2015
Andrea L. Santiago, PhD, & Fernando Martin Y. Roxas, PhD

The impact of government failure on tourism in the Philippines

Transport Policy
Vol 43 | Pages 11-22 | | October 2015
Wilfred S. Manuela Jr., PhD, & Manuel J. de Vera

The ISoP CommSIG for improving medicinal product risk communication: a new special interest group of the international society of Pharmacovigilance

Drug Safety
Vol 38, Is 7 | Pages 621–627 | July 2015
Kenneth Hartigan-Go, MD, MD (UK)

The missed deadline: whose problem is it?

Journal of Critical Incidents
Vol 8 | Page 48 | 2015
Gillian Stevens, PhD, & Edwin Portugal, PhD

The seven common pitfalls of customer service in hospitals

World Hospital Health Service Vol 51, Is 1 | Pages 7-10 | 2015
Rene T. Domingo

Willingness to pay for air quality improvements from using electric jeepneys in Metro Manila

The Singapore Economic Review
Vol 60, No 04 | | 2015
Jamil Paolo S. Francisco, PhD


Why households buy bottled water: a survey of household perceptions in the Philippines

International Journal of Consumer Studies
Vol 38, Is 1 | | 09 January 2014
Jamil Paolo S. Francisco, PhD

Should my NGO go on a “pork barrel diet”? The case of the priority development assistance fund in the Philippines

Emerald Emerging Markets Case Studies | 2014
Ronald U. Mendoza, PhD, Manuel De Vera, & Charles Siriban

Reaching out to survivors: Typhoon Haiyan, Philippines (A) and (B)

Journal of Business Ethics Education
Vol 11 | Pages 317-324 | 10.5840/jbee20141116 | 2014
Andrea L. Santiago, PhD, & Fernando Martin Y. Roxas, PhD

Personality type preferences of Asian managers: a cross-country analysis using the MBTI instrument

International Journal of Global Management Studies
Vol 5 Is 1 | Pages 1-23 | 2014
Boonghee Yoo, James P. Neelankavil, PhD, Gloria M. de Guzman, PhD, & Ricardo A. Lim, PhD

Innovativeness of consumers in the adoption of mobile technology in the Philippines

International Journal of Economics, Commerce and Management
Vol 2, Is 1 | 2014
Donald L. Amoroso, PhD, & Ricardo A. Lim, PhD

Determinants of household choice of coping strategy to an extreme flood event in the National Capital Region, Philippines

Jàmbá: Journal of Disaster Risk Studies
Vol 6, No 1 | a119 | 26 August 2014
Jamil Paolo S. Francisco, PhD

Defining effective leadership in Asian business organisations: A thematic map

Asia Pacific Journal of Business and Management
Vol 5, Is 2 | Pages 14-36 | 2014
Noel M. Cortez, PhD & Edna P. Franco, PhD

Decomposing the Public-Private Wage Gap for Nurses in the Philippines

No. 14-001
Jamil Paolo S. Francisco, PhD
Federico M. Macaranas, PhD

The 2013 Philippine Mid-Term Election: An Empirical Analysis of Dynasties, Vote Buying and the Correlates of Senate Votes

No. 14-002
Ronald U. Mendoza, PhD
Tristan A. Canare
Mario Antonio G. Lopez
David Barua Yap II, MA

Location choice and spatial externalities among MSMEs in the Philippines

No. 14-003
Michael R.M. Abrigo
Kris A. Francisco

Why do Asian firms say that their governments are corrupt: Assessing the impact of firm-level characteristics on corruption perceptions

No. 14-004
Roberto Martin N. Galang
Rouselle F. Lavado
Gabriel Angelo B. Domingo

Corporate Political Activities and Firm Growth in Emerging Economies

No. 14-005M
Jiangyong Lu
Seong-jin Choi

Informal Self-Employment in Kazakhstan

No. 14-006
Altay Mussurov
G. Reza Arabsheibani

Monetary and Fiscal Policy Regimes and Firm Innovation in Transition Economies and the Residual Factors Explaining the Gap in Firm Innovation in Central Asian Economies

No. 14-007
Zafar Nazarov
Alisher Akhmedjonov

Institutional factors create additional glass ceilings: Evidence from female-owned South Asian SMEs' access to external financing

No. 14-008
Nirosha Wellalage
Geeta Dupati
Fitriya Fauzi

Does Immigration Promote Innovation in Developing Countries? Evidence from Thai Manufacturers

No. 14-009
Piriya Pholphirul
Pungpond Rukumnuaykit

Barriers to Growth among Informal Sector Enterprises in India

No. 14-010
Subash Sasidharan
Rajesh Raj S N

Manufacturing Firm Survival and Growth in Vietnam: Explaining Vietnam's 'Missing' SMEs

No. 14-011
Trung Dang Le
Paul Shaffer

Small and Medium Enterprises under the Global Economic Crisis: Evidence from Indonesia

No. 14-012
Gaku Funabashi

Resilience of Firms to Economic and Climate Shocks: Initial Insights from Philippine SMEs

No. 14-013
Jamil Paolo S. Francisco, PhD
Ailyn S. Lau
Ronald U. Mendoza, PhD

Assessing the Potential Success of the People’s Initiative on an Anti-Political Dynasty Act: Data from the Top Five Most Dynastic Philippine Provinces

No. 14-014
Ronald U. Mendoza, PhD
Jan Fredrick P. Cruz
David B. Yap II, MA

Promoting High, Sustainable and Inclusive Growth during the ‘New Normal’

No. 14-015
Ronald U. Mendoza, PhD
Jean Rebecca D. Labios
Monica Isabel M. Melchor

Do standardized tests predict graduate school performance?

No. 14-016
Ronald U. Mendoza, PhD

Opportunities and Challenges in the Philippine Health Sector

No. 14-017
Ronald U. Mendoza, PhD
Victor A. de Lara

An Analysis of Philippine Income Tax Reforms

No. 14-018
Enrico V. Gloria
Ronald U. Mendoza, PhD
Ser Percival K. Peña-Reyes

Political Party Switching: It's More Fun in the Philippines

No. 14-019
Ronald U. Mendoza, PhD
Jan Fredrick P. Cruz
David B. Yap II, MA

Recasting the Bureau of Customs as a Developmental Agency

No. 14-020
Ronald U. Mendoza, PhD
Enrico V. Gloria
Ser Percival K. Peña-Reyes

Filipinos and Indonesians’ shame: Towards integrity and soundness in organizational performance

No. 14-021

Maria Veronica G. Caparas,PhD

Yanki Hartijasti, PhD

Can SMEs Survive Climate Change? Eva Marie Arts and Crafts versus Typhoon Yolanda

No. 14-022
Maryjo Castillejos
Ailyn S. Lau
Ronald U. Mendoza, PhD


Education Choices and Migration Prospects among Youth in the Philippines

No. 13-001
Ronald U. Mendoza, PhD
David Barua Yap II, MA
Gladys M. Navarro

Asian Public-Private Partnerships: An Overview of Trends and Innovations

No. 13-002
Manuel J. De Vera
Philamer C. Torio
Michael O. Timbang
Charles Irvin S. Siriban

Revenue Sharing in Mining: Insights from the Philippine Case

No. 13-003
Ronald U. Mendoza, PhD
Tristan A. Canare

When the Global Downturn hits the Youth Bulge: Challenges and Opportunities for (Female) Youth Employment and Social Advancement

No. 13-004
Ronald U. Mendoza, PhD
Maria Koramecki
Sheila Murthy

Strategies to Promote Stronger Technology Spillovers from Trade and Investments: Tapping Production Networks, Promoting Services and Linking SMEs

No. 13-005
Ronald U. Mendoza, PhD
Ailyn Lau

The Impact of FDI on Child Labor Insights from an Empirical Analysis of Sectoral FDI Data and Case Studies

No. 13-006
Ronald U. Mendoza, PhD
Nadia K. Doytch, PhD
Nina Thelen

Social Innovation: Business Invention and Social Solutions

No. 13-007
Maria Elena B. Herrera, FASP, PhD
Maria Cristina I. Alarilla

Developing an Integrated BOP Engagement Strategy

No. 13-008
Maria Elena B. Herrera, FASP, PhD
Maria Cristina I. Alarilla

Entrepreneurship and Innovation Initiatives among Asian Multinationals: A Cross-Country Analysis

No. 13-009
Victoria S. Licuanan
James P. Neelankavil, PhD
Kaushik Sengupta, PhD

Personality Type Preferences of Asian Managers: A Cross-Country Analysis Using the MBTI Instrument

No. 13-010
Ricardo A. Lim, PhD
Gloria M. De Guzman, PhD
James P. Neelankavil, PhD
Boonghee Yoo, PhD

The Evolution of Development Concerns in Public Sector Projects: From Simplicity to Complexity with what Impacts?

No. 13-011
Nihal Amerasinghe, PhD
Brenda B. Furagganan

Re-engineering Philippine Health Care: Can We Afford to Muddle Along?

No. 13-012
Kenneth Hartigan-Go, MD

Corporate Social Responsibility Frameworks

No. 13-013
Francisco L. Roman, DBA
Marie Kristin C. De Jesus
Joan Kristine E. Chua

Opportunities and Challenges in Managing Protected Areas of the Philippines

No. 13-014
Benjamin C. Bagadion, PhD
Ma. Edna A. Soriano

Best Practices in CSR: German Firms in the Philippines and Thailand-based Companies

No. 13-015
Francisco L. Roman, DBA
Joan Kristine E. Chua

Corruption and the Local Business Environment: Insights from SMEs in 29 Philippine Cities

No. 13-016
Ronald U. Mendoza, PhD
Joel E. Bancolita

Including Homeless Families and Children in the Social Protection System: A Brief Review of International Experience and Data on a Philippine Pilot Program

No. 13-018
Ronald U. Mendoza, PhD
David Barua Yap II, MA
Mari Chrys R. Pablo

Will Access to Information on Political Dynasties Alter Voting Behavior? Evidence from a Philippine Youth Voting Experiment

No. 13-019
Tristan A. Canare
Ronald U. Mendoza, PhD
Gladys M. Navarro

Regional Public Goods in the Blue Economy: Lessons from 14 Cases of International Cooperation

No. 13-020
Ronald U. Mendoza, PhD
Charles Irvin S. Siriban

A Framework to Promote Good Governance in Healthcare

No. 13-021
Kenneth Y. Hartigan-Go, MD
Marian Theresia Valera
Mary Kris N. Visperas

Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in the Philippines: What We Know and What We Don't Know

No. 13-022
Steve Z. Almeda
Ivyrose Baysic-Pobre

The Partnership between Government and the IT-BPO Industry in their Quest for Inclusive Growth in the Philippines

No. 13-023
Robert S. Keitel, PhD
Melissa Dorothy D. Ledesma

Transforming Protected Areas Into Effective And Sustainable Ecotourism Destinations: Lessons From The Ground

No. 13-024
Benjamin C. Bagadion, PhD
Nerissa D. Del Fierro-Juan, MS, MA

Does Mining FDI Crowd In or Crowd Out Other Investments? A Cross–Country Investigation of FDI Intersectoral Linkages

No. 13-025
Ronald U. Mendoza, PhD
Charles Irvin S. Siriban
Nadia K. Doytch, PhD

Grease or Sand in the Wheels of Commerce? Firm-level Evidence on Corruption and SMEs

No. 13-026
Ronald U. Mendoza, PhD
Ricardo A. Lim, PhD
Anne Beline Ong Lopez

Governance and Market Failures in Mining: Lessons from the Marcopper Mine Disaster in Marinduque, Philippines

No. 13-027
Ronald U. Mendoza, PhD
Tristan A. Canare
John G. Lindon

Arrested Development? An Empirical Analysis of Education Choices and Migration Intentions

No. 13-028
Ronald U. Mendoza, PhD
David Barua Yap II, MA
Charles Irvin S. Siriban
Ma. Beatrice Anne D. Tanjangco

Co-construction of Experiences During Co-creation: A Conceptual Framework and A Research Agenda

No. 13-029
Anand Agrawal, PhD


Balancing Industrial Concentration and Competition for Economic Development in Asia

No. 12 - 008
Ronald U. Mendoza, PhD
Lai-Lynn Angelica B. Barcenas
Padmini Mahurkar

Devil's Excrement or Manna from Heaven? A Survey of Strategies in Natural Resource Wealth Management

No. 12-004
Ronald U. Mendoza, PhD
Harold J. McArthur Jr. PhD
Anne Beline C. Lopez

Foreign Direct Investment in Asia: Lessons of Experience

No. 12-003
Nihal Amerasinghe, PhD
Justin Modesto III, MA

Public Spending during Growth Accelerations and Decelerations: Exploring the Interaction of the Business Cycle and Control of Corruption

Ronald U. Mendoza, PhD
Nadia Doytch, PhD
Joshua Greenstein

An Empirical Analysis of Political Dynasties in the 15th Philippine Congress

Ronald U. Mendoza, PhD
Edsel L. Beja, Jr., PhD
David Barua Yap II, MA
Victor S. Venida, PhD


Enabling Change in Malaysia: Leadership, Commitment to Change, and the Mediating Role of Change Readiness

Horacio M. Borromeo,PhD
S. Santhidran, PhD
V.G.R. Chandran, PhD

Findings for Future Research on Asian Family Corporations

Francisco L. Roman, DBA

Overview of Health Sector Reform in the Philippines and Possible Opportunities For Public- Private Partnerships

Maria Elena B. Herrera, FASP, PhD
Francisco L. Roman, DBA
Maria Cristina I. Alarilla


The Permeability of HR Roles

Gloria M. de Guzman, PhD
Ricardo A. Lim, PhD
Daisy T. Briones

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