Ramon V. Del Rosario, Sr. Center for Corporate Responsibility

Where Good Governance and Good Business Intersect

Since its inception in July 2000, the AIM Ramon V. del Rosario, Sr. Center for Corporate Responsibility (AIM RVR Center) has focused on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Corporate Governance (CG).

The Center’s main thrusts are:

  • On CG, the AIM RVR Center promotes the practice of good corporate governance among private and public companies in the region. One key initiative is the Hills Program on Governance to promote good governance at the intersection of private and public sectors, confronting corruption, and encouraging accountability. The Center also continuously implements its anti-corruption project for small enterprises.
  • On CSR, the AIM RVR Center initiatives involve corporate citizenship relative to the competitiveness of corporations and its impact on society. The Center engages with firms and industries in Asia in order to promote Corporate Social Responsibility as a core business strategy and to expand CSR as fundamental to doing business in a globalized economy.

Our research activities involve corporate responsibility through case-writing, survey research, and organizing local and regional conferences, seminars, and roundtable discussions designed to expand and deepen the level of understanding in the business community.

Our non-research activities involve program development on CSR and CG, and executive education training on how to engage stakeholders and in certifying board directors, including advocacy on CSR and CG in small group fora and conferences.

Our Benefactor - Ambassador Ramon V. Del Rosario, Sr.

The Center is named after Ambassador Ramon V. Del Rosario, Sr., founding trustee of the Asian Institute of Management and founder and Chairman of the PHINMA Group in the Philippines. The major institutional sponsors of the RVR CSR Center are the Phinma Group, Ford Foundation, Asian Bank, AB Capital & Investment Corporation, and SGV & Company. Individual sponsors include Mr. Washington SyCip and Mr. Jose L. Cuisia, Jr.

Hills Program on Governance

The governance research chair was initially established by the American International Group through its C.V. Starr Foundation, and based on the conviction that good corporate governance is a fundamental precondition to sustained economic growth in Asia.

The Hills Program on Governance was officially inaugurated on 4 September 2003 under the auspices of the AIM RVR Center, with funding from the World Bank and the Hills Program at the Washington D. C. Center for Strategic & International Studies. Roderick M. Hills, founder of the Hills Program, was former Chairman of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and a leading advocate of effective corporate governance. He held distinguished lecturer positions at the Harvard University School of Law, the Yale University School of Management, and the Stanford University School of Law.

The AIM RVR Center is one of the first research centers in the region concentrating on corporate responsibility and governance issues and is in the process of establishing and creating its own network, as well as connecting and collaborating with counterpart organizations throughout the region. The AIM RVR Center expects to bring visibility to the Institute and to build its brand through its regional conferences and research in order to be recognized by the business community and by its regional counterparts as an authority in CSR and CG.

Our Programs

Anti-Corruption for SMEs

Since 2010, the Washington D.C.-based Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE) has engaged the Center to run its Anti-Corruption project in aid of SMEs. Over the years, the Center has evolved its anti-corruption initiative in four stages:

  1. from developing basic research and running small surveys and focus group discussions on corruption issues and ethical dilemmas faced by SMEs;
  2. to developing training materials to run programs including monographs and short videos on how SMEs can minimize the impact of petty corruption; and
  3. in the third stage, the initiative links SMEs with industry associations in anti-corruption to “give voice” to SME concerns.
  4. The current stage involves holding a series of stakeholder consultations and workshops followed by interviews in order to prepare and present a policy reform paper on anti-corruption and inclusive growth for SMEs that will be submitted to interested policy makers and/ or legislators for their future action.   

The Asian Forum on Enterprise for Society

Launched in 2002 by the RVR CSR Center, the Asian Forum on Enterprise for Society (AFES, formerly AFCSR) is the largest annual conference on corporate social responsibility in the region.

AFES is composed of about 30 sessions, attended by 300 to 500 delegates, and supported by 50-plus partners and sponsors. The conference features

- Plenary sessions addressed by keynote speakers
- Breakout sessions focusing on specific dynamics, learnings, and the best practices of companies
- An expo showcasing specific company CSR programs
- Optional field visits to innovative CSR programs sites in and around the city.

Following 11 successful conference runs in six major Southeast Asian cities — Manila, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Ho Chi Minh City, and Singapore — AFES continues to be at the forefront of CSR development in Asia.

In October 2016, the RVR CSR Center Board of Advisors, which includes the AIM President and Dean, decided to change the initials AFCSR to AFES. The President and Dean will oversee all new initiatives moving forward.

To read more about the discussions and insights from the 2018 AFES, please click here.

Corporate Governance Training for Board of Directors and Key Officers

As an accredited Institutional Training Provider of Corporate Governance Trainings by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), AIM, through the AIM RVR Center, conducts corporate governance trainings for the Board of Directors and key officers of various corporations.

The training program aims to provide participants with relevant corporate governance concepts and frameworks. It covers SEC-mandated topics such as the Revised Code for Corporate Governance, the ASEAN Corporate Governance Scorecard, and the SEC Annual Corporate Governance Report, Board Responsibilities, illegal activities of corporations/directors/officers and insider trading, short-swing transactions, protection of minority shareholders, liabilities of directors, conflict of interest, related party transactions, financial reporting, audit and case studies on corporate governance, among others.

AIM RVR Center Executive Director, Dynah Avigail T. Basuil, PhD, and Deputy Director, Mary Kris Camua, serve as the session’s resource persons.

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