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Program Manager


The Program Manager manages and ensures the smooth operations of the program and is collaboratively working with the Academic Program Director in program and people management, faculty engagement, partnership, student experience, and financial management that in turn contributes to the advancement, interests and upholding of the program standards of the School, and the Institute.

  • Qualifications
  • Responsibilities


  • Master’s degree aligned to the program is highly preferred, MBA or any management-related degree.

Minimum experience

  • 5 years of relevant experience in program management at a supervisory or managerial capacity.

Program Management

  • Ensure that delivery of programs is in accordance with School's policies and procedures.
  • Co-facilitate the curriculum development and planning alongside with the Academic Program Director including maintenance of the database; assessment planning and execution; and accreditation processes; and program handbook with assistance from the Program Associate and Coordinator.
  • Ensure coordination and compliance with Assurance of Learning standards and processes.
  • Prepares the program calendar based on the Institute-wide Academic Calendar, and Faculty Line-up in coordination with the APD (for the courses of the school year), and program budget in coordination with the School Manager.
  • Supports and collaborates Student Recruitment and Admissions activities and processes.

People Management

  • Initiate activities that set a culture of excellence, provide learning opportunities to adapt a growth mindset, recognizing and rewards achievements, conducts regular feedbacking and mentors to achieve individual and team success.
  • Manages program staff concerns and act accordingly.

Faculty Engagement

  • Process hiring of adjunct-faculty in coordination with Office of the Dean.
  • Plan, organize and facilitate together with the Academic Program Director the following:
  • Program end-of-term deliberations.
  • Full-faculty deliberations together with the Office of the Dean.
  • Program faculty agenda and meetings.
  • Program alignment meetings, and special events (i.e., recruitment events).

Student Services

  • Prepares, organizes, and facilitates together with the Academic Program Director the cohort progress-check-ins or program townhall.
  • Mediate and address program faculty/student issues in his/her capacity.


  • Facilitate/organize program events together (i.e., Primer week, Assembly, Graduation, etc.).
  • Identify organizations for possible partnership and liaise with Legal Department on crafting/revision of LoUs and/or MOAs with partner organizations.
  • Facilitate collaborative programs with partner organizations, together with the School Manager, for activities involving these organizations.

Financial Management

  • Prepares the cost operating effectiveness of the program (budget plan). Monitors, reviews and reports on the program budgets on a regular basis with the APD.

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