• Marketing Strategy, Sales Management, Digital Marketing

Research Interests

  • Marketing Strategy, Sales Management, Digital Marketing
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Babak Hayati, PhD

Associate Professor
Director of Research and Publications

Academic Background

  • PhD, Business Administration -Major: Marketing, Minor: Management- University of Houston, Bauer College of Business, Houston, Texas (USA)
  • Master in Business Administration, Sharif University of Technology, Tehran (Iran)
  • Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, University of Tehran, Tehran (Iran)

Professional and Academic Experience

  •  Assistant Professor of Marketing, University of Nevada, Las Vegas (2013 – 2016)
  • Assistant Professor of Marketing, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs (2012 – 2013)
  • Marketing Strategist and Consultant, multiple Fortune 500 and startup companies across US and Asia (2013-present)
  •  Marketing Researcher and Consultant, Sales Excellence Institute (SEI), University of Houston, Texas (2008-2012)
  • Marketing Strategy Consultant, Sharif Management Consulting Group, Tehran, Iran (2006-2008)
  • Design Engineer, R&D Department, Saiwan Sanat Company, Tehran, Iran (2004-2005)

Affiliations, Awards, and Honors

  • Winner of the ISBM Doctoral Dissertation Award, 2012
  • Winner of the AMA Sales SIG Dissertation Proposal Competition, 2012
  • AMA Sales SIG Dissertation Award, 1st Runner-Up, 2013.
  • AMA-Sheth Foundation Doctoral Consortium Fellow, Oklahoma State University, 2011


  • Hayati, B. & Puri, S. (2020). The impact of organizational social networks on salespeople's negative headquarters stereotypes. Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing.
  • Pandey, S., Puri, S., & Hayati, B. (2020). Dito Telecommunity Corporation: Challenging telecom duopoly in the Philippines. Journal of International Business Education, 15.
  • Puri, S., Joshi, S., Debnath, S., & Hayati, B. (2019). Welspun India: Reputation management after Egyptian cotton mislabeling. Journal of Organizational Behavior Education, 12, 13-26.
  • Sun, J., Yoo, S., Park, J., & Hayati, B. (2019). Indulgence versus restraint: The moderating role of cultural differences on the relationship between corporate social performance and corporate financial performance. Journal of Global Marketing, 32, 83-92.
  • Hayati, B., Atefi, Y., & Ahearne, M. (2018). Sales force leadership during strategy implementation: A social network perspective. Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 46, 612-631.
  • Lam, S. K., Ahearne, M., Mullins, R., Hayati, B., & Schillewaert, N. (2013). Exploring the dynamics of antecedents to customer-brand identification with a new brand. Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 41, 234-252.
  • Ahearne, M., Lam, S. K., Hayati, B., & Kraus, F. (2013). Intrafunctional competitive intelligence and sales performance: A social network perspective. Journal of Marketing, 77(5), 37-56.
  • Hu, Y., Lodish, L. M., Krieger, A. M., & Hayati, B. (2009). An update of real-world TV advertising tests. Journal of Advertising Research, 49(2), 201-206.


  • Puri, S., Singh, R., Kumar, N., & Hayati, B. (2019). The role of sales force control systems in driving the sales of new products. In K. Cutright, J. A. Mourey, & R. Peres (Ed.),2019 AMA Summer Academic Conference Proceedings. 30, pp. BCM-32. USA: American Marketing Association.


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  • Puri, S., Goel, S., Krishna, S., Hayati, B., & Singh, R. (2019). B9 Beverages: From start-up to scale-up. Ivey ID: 9B19A008.London, Canada: Ivey Publishing.
  • Pandey, S., Puri, S., & Hayati, B. (2018). Big Boss Cement Inc.: Stirring up industry competition in the Philippines. Ivey ID: 9B18A055.London, Canada: Ivey Publishing.

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