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Jose Vicente L. Camus

Clinical Professor
Academic Program Director, Master of Science in Financial Technology

Academic Background

  • Master of Science in Management, Arthur D. Little School of Management, Inc., Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
  • Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies, Ateneo de Manila University

Professional and Academic Experience

  • Instructor, Mapua University
  • Managing Director, H+G Managers and Advisors Corporation
  • Project and Corporate Finance Consultant, Olli Consulting Group Inc.
  • Executive Vice President, Producers Savings Bank Corporation
  • Commercial Banking Sector Head, Producers Savings Bank Corporation
  • Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer, Producers Savings Bank Corporation
  • Strategic Investments Group Head, Producers Savings Bank Corporation
  • President, Rural Bank of Bustos
  • President, Tower Development Bank
  • President, Rural Bank of Cainta
  • Executive Vice President, Bank of Commerce
  • Assistant to the Chief Financial Officer, San Miguel Corporation
  • Head of Asset Sales, Citibank Savings Inc.
  • Director for Corporate Finance, Ever Gotesco Group of Companies
  • Senior Vice President, Dharmala Capital Investment Trust Co.
  • Corporate Finance Group Head, Dharmala Capital Investment Trust Co.
  • Vice President, SKR Managers and Advisors, Inc.
  • Senior Vice President, UBP Capital Corporation
  • Assistant Vice President, Citytrust Banking Corporation
  • Assistant Vice President, International Corporate Bank
  • Vice President, SKR Managers and Advisors, Inc.

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