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Ma. Theresa P. Mañalac

Associate Professor

Academic Background

  • Master of Business Administration, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, USA

Professional and Academic Experience

Asian Institute of Management (Manila)

  • Associate Professor (August 2010 to present)
  • AIM Trustee 
  • Chair of Finance and Accounting Department 2015-16
  • Adjunct Faulty (September 2009 to March 2010)
  • Program Director MBA Program 2012-2013
  • Vice President: Corporate Treasury, Automatic Data Processing (New Jersey)
  • Senior Director: Corporate Finance, Automatic Data Processing (New Jersey)
  • Director: International Corporate Finance, Automatic Data Processing (New Jersey)
  • Deputy Treasurer: Energy Development Corporation
  • Manager: Corporate Planning San Miguel Corporation
  • Assistant Vice President: Citibank NA Manila
  • Manager: Business Development United Technologies - Carrier Corporation (Connecticut, USA)

Affiliations, Awards, and Honors

  • AIM Renny Yeo Teaching Excellence Award 2015


  • Santiago, A. L., Pandey, S., & Mañalac, M. T. P. (2019). Family presence, family firm reputation, and perceived financial performance: Empirical evidence from the Philippines. Journal of Family Business Strategy, 10(1), 49-56.


  • Mañalac, M. T. P., Maute, Y., & Puri, S.  (2021). The Holcim acquisition: Cementing SMC’s leadership in the Philippines. Ivey ID: 9B21N006. London, Canada: Ivey Publishing.
  • Santiago, A. L., Roxas, F. M. Y., & Mañalac, M. T. P. (2021). Investing in a unicorn: The case of Luckin Coffee gone rogue. Ivey ID:9B21N001. London, Canada: Ivey Publishing.
  • Mañalac, M. T. P., Lim, G. C., & Puri, S. (2020). D. M. Wenceslao and Associates incorporated initial public offering. Ivey ID: 9B20N025. London, Canada: Ivey Publishing.
  • Puri, S., Mañalac, M. T. P., & Ranjan, J. (2020). Customer management at Magellan Savings Bank of Philippines. Ivey ID: 9B20A038. London, Canada: Ivey Publishing.
  • Mañalac, M. T. P., Jakosalem, S. M. M., & Puri, S. (2019). Shakey’s initial public offering: The dilemma of investing. Ivey ID: 9B19N021. London, Canada: Ivey Publishing.

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