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Application Form

About You
(Please enter your name as how it reads in your passport.)
(Please enter your relevant department and university/institution details.)
(Please ensure that you could be reached through the email and numbers provided. Please include the country and area codes when entering the telephone and mobile numbers.)
One file only.
8 MB limit.
Allowed types: pdf.
(File & format of CV is left to your discretion but should not exceed two pages. Upload in PDF format.)
One file only.
8 MB limit.
Allowed types: gif jpg png svg.
(Upload a suitable, professional, passport-sized picture. This photo will be used in materials for the LIF Program should you be chosen for the LIF Program, i.e. IDs, PR material.)
(Please give a brief summary of your career and achievements. If your application is successful, we shall use this biography for the introductory pack and other materials for wider circulation.)
(A valid passport for international travel is needed in order to be considered for the program. Please indicate your passport number and expiry date. Indicate if you have yet to apply or renew your passport. Note that to be able to receive the fellowship, you must have a valid passport up to August 2019.)
(What do you hope to get out of the Leaders in Innovation Fellowship Programme? Describe which aspects of the programme will be particularly valuable  to you in commercialising your innovation, and explain why.)
(Why are you interested in entrepreneurship training, and how is it relevant to your work? Please explain why you have chosen to work on entrepreneurship and commercialisation of your innovation rather than further research.)
(Please share with us any lessons you have learned so far in your innovation journey that may benefit your fellow LIF peers. These can be any learnings from personal or professional successes or failures.)
Your Innovation
Please give a title to the name of your innovation, or the name of your proposed business.
(Please provide the name of your business, if different from the innovation title.)
Please select the major technological  sector or research area that your innovation derives from. If it fits into more than one area please choose one that is most relevant. You will get to specify the technology in the next question
(Any other tags you would like associated with your application)
(Please describe your innovation and use the following questions as prompt: What problem does that innovation aim to solve? Why is a solution necessary? What solution does your innovation/product/service provide? Why is this solution better than existing solutions?)
(Please give a description of the particular science or technlogy that underpins your proposed business. Please keep description simple and avoid over-technical language.)
(Please state whether the primary purpose of your innovation is to enhance your country's economic development and/ or social welfare development.)
(How could your innovation promote economic development and/ or social welfare development in our country?)
(What is the 'Technology Readiness Level' of your Innovation? Has it been demonstrated in a relevant environment? How close, in terms of development, is the technology, product, or service to market? What further deelopment is still required? Please state which stage your technology/innovation is currently at among the following options: concept/idea, prototype, laboratory development, final product, mass production.)
(Please let us know what steps you need to take for your technology to be ready for production and commercialization. What do you plan to be your next actions for your innovation?)
Your Business Plan
Please provide a one-line pitch for your business. For example, you can use around 15 words to describe what it is, who is it for, how will it change the world?
Ex. A water filter using nanotechnology that will provide sustainable  access to clean water for the poor.
(Please provide a short description of your business idea. Use the following questions as a prompt: How will your innovation reach the customer? How will it be profitable?)
(Please select the option which best describes the sales strategy of your business.)
Please give an outline of who you think will be the customer for your new product, technology, service, and their perceived needs. Use the following questions as a prompt: Who will buy the innovation? Will they pay for this at commercially profitable levels? Why will they choose your innovation?)
(What is the intellectual property status of the technology? What are your current or upcoming plans on IP protection? Please choose the IP status of your technlogy among the following choices: currently no IP protection, PCT/international patent filed, no IP protection planned, national patent filed, copyright protected)
(Please indicate the source of funding you are next seeking for your buisness/ project.)
(Have you ever raised commercial investment capital before? Do you intend to raise commercial capital in the near term?)
Business Profile
(Please fill out the table with relevant or available details)
(Please select the option which best describes what you are looking for next.)
Please identify what you think will be the major risks and challenges that you will have to overcome in taking the business plan forward ex. lack of funding or securing intellectual property.
(Thinking of some challenges encountered or currently encountering with your innovation, where do you think you need most support/ training?)
Applicant Declaration

By signing/indicating your name below, you declare that:

  • The information you have provided is accurate.
  • You will allow the answers you provided to be shared with the Royal Academy of Engineering, other fellows, funders, and subcontractors for the purposes of preparing the training for the Leaders in Innovation programme and reporting.
  • You confirm that you have permission from all relevant employers to attend the Fellowship, if selected to participate.
  • If selected, you understand that it is your responsibility to obtain the necessary visa to travel to the UK.

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