Demo Day

What students learn in the Master of Science in Innovation and Business (MSIB) program will contribute to creating solutions for their industry of choice. A Demo Day caps the MSIB student's 10-month journey. It serves as a platform for the student to showcase their innovation and pitch their business to venture capitalists, angel investors, industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and potential partners.

Class of 2017

Beyond Breakthrough: Taking Ideas to the Next Level

For the first time since it was founded in 1968, AIM has introduced a program specifically designed for technical professionals from the Science, Technology, Engineering, Architecture, Agriculture, Mathematics, and Medicine (STEAM) fields. The Master of Science in Innovation and Business was engineered to combine technical talent and business skills.

The program transforms STEAM specialists into corporate innovators and technology entrepreneurs, who create wealth for business and society by building innovative customer-centric solutions.

After 10 life-changing months in the program, AIM’s first batch of innovators is finally ready to take their ideas to the next level by presenting their products and services to the public.

  • A-Drone

    A-Drone helps protect a farmer's crops by using artificial intelligence and drones.

    By Aaron Franz David
  • Arooga

    Arooga Health gives convenient access to trusted care providers for emotional and mental wellness.

    By Dominique De Leon and Niña Samantha Sanchez
  • EngageMED

    EngageMED is a mobile booking platform that connects patients to healthcare providers.

    By Neil Palteng and Charles Louie Rapisura
  • GAIA

    GAIA offers a guilt-free drinking experience by using the superfood Yacon as natural sweetener.

    By Jose Gabriel Dimalanta and Reaia Joy Sarmiento
  • Grow-Series

    Grow-Series provides lean and automated aquaponic systems to establishments, changing the way we grow.

    By Katherine Louise Chua and Christian James Pimentel
  • HealthCred

    HealthCred uses big data analytics to improve healthcare access through financial inclusion.

    By Paul Joseph Galacan and Michael Xavier Ma. Tobias
  • LEXI

    LEXI provides an ecosystem for major education stakeholders to enhance knowledge- and asset-sharing.

    By Sean Sigfred Lacar and Remson Mark Macawile
  • Lÿf Analytics

    Lÿf Analytics is a mobile platform that enables wearable health and fitness devices to become smarter.

    By John Carlo Valdez
  • Progress

    Progress is a social-media-like collaboration tool that connects the entire workforce.

    By Joyce Faith Almadrones and Cesarson Pineda
  • Sogbunaku

    Sogbunaku teaches you how to cook recipes with a kit containing all the ingredients you need.

    By Leonard Cruz and Jeremy Bedano
  • StudyPlay

    StudyPlay makes learning basic electronics cool and fun through playing.

    By Jon Bennixto De Omana and Rey Edward Solicito
  • Wayste

    Wayste introduces a sustainable garbage ecosystem through an on-demand hauling mobile application.

    By Rejiel Ala Gonzales

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