AIM Career Services Office Features the Philippines HR Group Founder for an Exclusive Talk on Mastering Social Media Optimization

May 13, 2024
In a competitive digital landscape, strategic social media branding sets you apart from the crowd and showcases your unique value.


In a competitive digital landscape, strategic social media branding sets you apart from the crowd and showcases your unique value. 

This key point was what Darwin Rivers, the founder and President of Philippines HR Group, heavily communicated during his virtual session titled “Unleashing Brand Potential: A Framework for Social Media Optimization.” This workshop, organized by the Asian Institute of Management's Career Services Office, enabled Master of Science in Data Science and Master in Innovation and Business students with the skills to build strategic online identities and bolster their professional presence. 

Zeroing in on the relevance of social media branding, he elaborated on its impact on brand awareness, improving brand reputation, increasing sales and leads, and stronger customer relationships. He emphasized the need for a consistent and recognizable brand identity with unified messaging across all social media platforms where the brand engages with its audience. 

Mr. Rivers also advocated for data usage to measure the impact of the posted content. By tracking which posts resonate with the target audience and drive engagement, future strategies can be improved to capture attention better and boost key performance indicators like engagement and leads. He stated that by looking into data, “You'll be able to either pivot to a new strategy or create new content that will be adding more value to your target audience.” 


Building on the significance of a strong online presence, Mr. Rivers then tackled the concept of personal social media branding. He explained, “It's the digital impression that you create that would reflect your unique identity, your interest, and your expertise. Basically, creating an image of who you are and how you would like people to see you online.”  He added the importance of authenticity and relatability in digital interactions, encompassing both content creation and engagement strategies. 

However, blurring the lines between work and personal life is a common risk when it comes to personal social media branding. With this, Mr. Rivers underscored the need to maintain clear online boundaries. He encouraged his audience to create intentional professional social media profiles, giving them control over the personal information they share with strangers. “Think before you post” was his reminder, underscoring the lasting impact one’s online presence can have on their reputation. 

To conclude his talk, Mr. Rivers led an engaging activity that dabbled in the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) marketing tools. Participants learned how to leverage AI platforms like ChatGPT and Bard with effective prompts to write impactful professional profiles, particularly for LinkedIn. 

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