AIMTEC- BL launches Bridging Leader’s Initiative for Climate Resilience (BLICR) fellowship

July 07, 2020
AIMTEC- BL launches Bridging Leader’s Initiative for Climate Resilience (BLICR) fellowship
Bridging Leaders Initiative for Climate Resilience


AIMTEC- BL launches Bridging Leader’s Initiative for Climate Resilience (BLICR) fellowship

The Asian Institute of Management’s TeaM Energy Center for Bridging Leadership (AIMTEC-BL) officially announced the call for applications for the Bridging Leaders’ Initiative for Climate Resilience (BLICR) fellowship. The BLICR program aims to build a community of Filipino Local Chief Executives (LCE) and Private Sector Development Professionals (PSDP) who are committed to co-creating innovative cross-sectoral entrepreneurial ecosystems for the country’s vulnerable coastal municipalities.  

The program is supported by the Earth Security Group UK with funding from the Federal Ministry for the Environment and Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety (BMUB); and TeaM Energy Foundation, Inc. (TEFI).

The first fellowship of its kind in the country, BLICR is envisioned to create partnerships between local government units and the private sector to generate ecosystem-based adaptation (EbA) solutions for marine resources that would create value such as green jobs, sustainable livelihoods, and the enhancement of assets.

Ecosystem-based adaptation uses the provisions/services contributed by forests, mangroves, coral reefs, watersheds, and other ecosystems to adapt to changing environmental conditions. These services may include coastal protection against storm surges or reproductive havens for commercial fisheries. 

The fellowship will utilize blended learning modes such as webinars, workshops, structured learning exercises, plenary and small group discussions, and peer-to-peer learning, spread over two years.  BLICR will also be a collaborative learning and social laboratory that will address local policy implementation issues on climate change impacts affecting coastal communities.

AIMTEC-BL is inviting local government and private sector leaders to apply for the fellowship, to be a  step closer to co-creating transformative change in our coastal communities. Graduates of this program will become part of the prestigious group of AIM Bridging Leadership Fellows that includes World Bank Collaborative Leadership  Lifetime Awardee Former Dumingag Mayor Jun Pacalioga, Former Philippine Armed Forces Chief and Peace Adviser Charlie Galvez, Cagayan de Oro Mayor Oscar Moreno and many more Bridging Leaders in government, NGOs, youth and private sector. 

(LCE: Mayors or governors in climate-vulnerable cities and municipalities)

(PSDP: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Officers, Government or External Relations Officers, or equivalent according to the nominating company)

Program Activities

1. Applications, Nominations, Evaluation 
LCEs and PDSPs can either be nominated or self-apply to the program. For PDSPs, we highly encourage a formal endorsement from the CEO of the company of their employment. Interested PDSPs who operate their own enterprises and who self-apply need not have an endorsement.  

2. Convening Workshop
The fellowship will conduct online webinars, coaching sessions, and other activities for the participants over a period of 1 (2?) year.

3. Development of Change Prototypes
Following the initial convening workshop, the fellows will be working in pairs or groups on their change prototypes towards the implementation of ecosystem-based adaptation (EbA) solutions in their localities.

4. On-site Workshops
Two workshops in each location will be held for the two top-performing coastal municipalities or cities where fellows will engage local stakeholders, help formulate agreements, and facilitate focused community-driven EbA or nature-based solutions.


1. The Fellowship prefers ONLINE submissions. Please fill up the application/nomination form and Curriculum Vitae at

2. Recommendations must be completed directly by the recommender at

3. If online submission is not possible, the following forms must be printed, filled up and submitted by the applicant and the recommender SEPARATELY to:

AIM TeaM Energy Center for Bridging Leadership,
3/F, Asian Institute of Management,
123 Paseo de Roxas, Makati City,
Philippines, 1229

        a. Applicant/Nominee

        b.  Recommender

For any questions, please email:

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