Alumni Hour with Bharat Parashar, MBM 1980

September 19, 2018
Alumnus and AIM-SRF board trustee Bharat Parashar, MBM ‘80, was a big hit among MBA 2019 students during the Alumni Hour. Bharat gave credit to his alma mater for equipping him with the skillset needed to succeed in the world of international finance.

Alumnus and AIM-SRF board trustee Bharat Parashar, MBM 1980, was a big hit among the MBA 2019 students when he spoke to them during Alumni Hour. Bharat recalled his time at AIM and gave credit to his alma mater for equipping him with the skillset needed to succeed in the very competitive world of international finance.

“Try to absorb everything you learn inside and outside the caseroom”, he exhorted the students. “And after you graduate, don’t let anybody tell you they are better than you”!

With 40 years of experience working in Asia and the US for some of the biggest financial institutions in the world, Bharat imparted great career and life lessons that will surely help the students once they resume their own careers after graduation.

His own meteoric career progression started in Dubai, then on to Singapore, the US, and back to Asia. Currently, he is the Managing Director of Clove Capital, a boutique fund management company that invests in selected companies and projects along the “clove” route. The company has offices in the US and Hong Kong.

Bharat concurrently serves as the CEO of Ceylon Graphite, a Sri Lanka-based mining company that was recently named the Asia Pacific Mining Exploration Company of the Year at the Asia Mines and Money Conference in Hong Kong last April 2018. It is a testament to Bharat’s strategic and leadership acumen that Ceylon Graphite beat other mining companies that were hundreds of times bigger in capitalization.

During the Q&A, students asked endless questions ranging from investment prospects, to ethics, to CSR, to renewable energy and future technologies that will change the business landscape as we see it today. Bharat gamely answered every one of their questions and more.

As his way of giving back to AIM, Bharat takes two weeks off every year to teach an elective course on Private Equity to MBA students. Needless to say, his course is one of the most sought after financial courses in AIM.

Thank you, Bharat for the wonderful sharing with students. Until the next one!


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