MSIB Student Spotlight: Lorraine Gazzingan

June 06, 2020
With a background in applied economics and legal management, Lorrs is one of the non-STEAM* members of the MSIB community. However, her ideas and passion to turn them into reality do not lag behind her classmates from the technical fields.

With a background in applied economics and legal management, Lorrs is one of the non-STEAM* members of the MSIB community. However, her ideas and passion to turn them into reality do not lag behind her classmates from the technical fields. 
Lorrs is a Level 2 GIMI Certification holder. The Global Innovation Management Institute (GIMI) is a global non-profit standard certification board for innovation and innovation management. Just like her, everyone in the MSIB program has the opportunity to be GIMI certified. 

She is also the co-founder of TANYAG, a platform that helps parents look for workshops that will help develop their children's skills and talents through data-driven assessments. She's working on this capstone project, a final requirement for the program, with her classmate Michelle Sarrosa and Jishu Basak from AIM's Data Science Program.  

*STEAM: Science, Technology, Architecture, Agriculture, Mathematics, and Medicine



“What inspired you to start the Facebook group called Donations for Lockdown? Feel free to share stories you encountered so far about members who are keeping the Bayanihan spirit alive amidst the pandemic.  

The pandemic outbreak gives rise to different innovative opportunities to help our brothers and sisters cope with the economic challenges. What inspired me to start the Facebook Group, Donations for Lockdown, was the exacerbation of the horrendous living conditions of the poor amidst the pandemic. 

A lot of Filipinos work in companies with a "no work, no pay policy". Not all of them have jobs that allow them to work from home. Moreover, businesses are experiencing profit losses because of the decline in economic activity, which led them to a painful decision to lay off some of their employees to keep their business afloat. 


It is truly a devastating time for all of us but this did not stop me from helping out in any way I can. I created the FB group to collect information on the different channels where we can donate and invited my family and friends to join. Together with their help, we were able to build new connections and became more aware of where help is needed. Some of my relatives also supported our cause by giving monetary donations. Some of the beneficiaries would send photos of the items they bought with our donations and would express their happiness. It was a small and simple act that made a huge impact on their lives. One of the mothers also shared that the Php 1,000 that she received would already last them for a week. Seeing this reaction made me realize that we do not have to do grandiose deeds to help others.  

I believe this initiative can go a long way. Through collaborating with NGOs, government, and private entities, I envision the platform to help in the proper allocation of donations and in fast-tracking the distribution of goods so that there will be less hungry Filipinos.  

With this initiative, I wish to help more Filipinos and to build a stronger nation. 

For future collaborations, please feel free to contact me at 

Join the Donations for Lockdown Group on Facebook  

Best memory while taking MSIB?  

One of the best memories that I have in MSIB is meeting new friends and treating one another like family. My MSIB family has a special place in my heart that cannot be replaced by anyone. We cried together, laughed together, and learned together, and I believe when we graduate from AIM, we will make a huge difference together. 

Lorrs3Lorrs with her team for IXL Innovation Olympics, Summer Cycle 

What subject were you always looking forward to and why? 
The subject that I am always looking forward to is Managing Communications because this is the class that helps us integrate everything that we have learned in the MSIB program, from creating our pitch decks to defending and pitching our Ideas to different audiences. 

Our professor, Prof. Nicole Concepcion, has always inspired us to think outside the box and has helped bring out the best in us.  

She has designed her lessons and integrated exercises that certainly made us realize on the areas that we need to improve on to become better innovators. 

Lorrs2Lorrs with Team TANYAG: Michelle Sarrosa (MSIB 2020), Jishu Basak (MSDS 2020) 

Complete the statements below: 

As an AIM student, I believe I became braver, happier, and more well-rounded.   

Innovation matters because we are human beings who do not stay contented. This kind of attitude pushes us to become a more progressive society.   

Aside from grad school and work, I also want to build my own orphanage someday. 

I believe there’s more to life than our personal problems. 


Lorrs5Who says MSIB is only about the reading and projects?  

Here's Lorrs with her MSIB Barkada and members of MSIB Class of 2020 making time for 
extra-curricular activities by becoming club officers.  

Under AIM’s Aboitiz School of Innovation, Technology, and Entrepreneurship (ASITE), MSIB is a 15-month part-time degree program designed to teach STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Architecture / Agriculture, Mathematics/Medicine) graduates how to design and manage innovations in a start-up or a corporate setting. Classes are every Friday evenings and Saturday whole day. MSIB is now accepting applications for the 2022 cohort. Classes start April 2021.  

To learn more about starting your own innovator’s journey, please visit or contact Ms. Cherrie Ruby Magbanua at 

Author: Cherrie Ruby Magbanua

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