Developing and Growing the Business Family Segment: A Forum for Private Bank and Wealth Management Executives

April 22, 2019
The AIM – JBF Center weighs in on the role of Private Banks in developing and growing the business family segment

The Gov. Jose B. Fernandez, Jr. Center for Banking and Finance (JBF Center) invited seasoned private banker and senior advisor from Cambridge Family Enterprise Group (CFEG), Marlon P. Young to speak in an invitation-only forum on Developing and Growing the Business Family Segment on April 3, 2019 at the Asian Institute of Management. 

The forum sought to bring Asian financial managers together to discuss relevant issues in the banking and financial services industry and connect them with key resource speakers. It also aimed to instill the importance of asking the right questions, leveraging data and information in fulfilling the client experience and developing and growing the business family segment in the Private Bank sector. 

The forum was attended by 50 private bank and wealth management executives from banks in the region, among them: Bank of Taiwan, BDO Private Bank, BPI Asset Management and Trust Corporation, CIMB Bank Malaysia, Eastwest Bank, Metrobank, PBCom, RCBC, Robinsons Bank, and Security Bank.

The participants were welcomed by the chairman of the JBF Center Board of Advisors, Roberto C. Fernandez who gave a brief speech about the Center’s current thrusts and initiatives. 

What followed was a lively presentation and dialogue led by Mr. Marlon Young who delved into the unique characteristics of business families as a private bank client segment, the business family life cycle, the importance of “know your client” in becoming a trusted advisor, and the fundamentals of family governance and generational transition.

Family businesses continue to dominate Southeast Asia and form a critical part of its economy as they account for a significant percentage of employment and economic development in the region.  Many of these were established in the post-World War II era when economic industrialization gave rise to the modern business culture that we know now. 

Today, many of the founders continue to make their presence felt as majority shareholders who have taken on a consultative role while handing over operations to the second generation and preparing for the entry of the third generation.  Unfortunately, the survival rate of family-owned businesses, in general, is extremely low as they are inadequately prepared for the inevitable generational transition that lies ahead.

The forum addressed the issue that a large number of family-owned businesses in Southeast Asia have neglected to take the necessary steps to develop the systems of governance, succession plans, next generation talent identification and development, and long-term strategies to ensure the sustained longevity of their family businesses. 

Mr. Young also shared an actual case situation to illustrate the challenges facing business families across generations and how Private Banks can help these families adopt a smoother transition across generations, leading to an enduring family enterprise.

The forum concluded with a panel discussion moderated by the JBF Center Executive Director, Dr. David Gulliver Go. In the panel discussion, panelists; Mike Ferrer, CEO of ATR Asset Management (ATRAM) and Mike Locsin, Executive Director of Bank Julius Baer & Co. Ltd., and Marlon Young shared their experiences with next generation entrepreneurs and family stewards and how they differ in strategies and priorities compared to their forebears. The panel also discussed the partiality of next generation stewards to environmental and social concerns and assessed the use and effectiveness of Fintech in the wealth management practice.

L-R: Mike Locsin (Executive Director, Bank Julius Baer & Co. Ltd), Marlon Young [Senior Advisor and Associate Partner, Cambridge Family Enterprise Group (CFEG)], Roberto C. Fernandez (Chairman, JBF Center Board of Advisors), David Gulliver Go (Executive Director, JBF Center), Mike Ferrer (CEO, ATR Asset Management)

The JBF Center provides venues for research and discussion of issues in the banking and financial services industry and relentlessly pursues strategies that improve the skill set of Asian financial managers. We are always finding ways to come up with programs and activities for a meaningful exchange of insights and ideas to support our local wealth management and private banking practice. Should you have any specific topics that you would like for us to conduct a research/study or facilitate a forum on and for any further inquiries, you may call 892-4011 local 2622 or email us at

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