Participants also get to understand the big picture of corporate management. By developing a clearer view of the overall function of the company, and the cross-functional relationships among its units, managers can develop an interactive and holistic approach to management.

Target Participants

First-Line Managers Entrepreneurs Unit supervisors


Week 1

Managerial Processes and Practices
  • Business Management: An Overview
  • The Different Stakeholders in an Organization
  • Management Control
Systematic Managerial Analysis
  • Critical Thinking
  • Decision-making and Implementation Plans
Project Management
  • An Integrated Approach to the Managerial Process
  • Network Analysis - PERT/CPM
Managing Costs and Profits
  • Cost-Volume-Profit
  • Relationships
  • Segmented Reporting
  • Relevant Costs in Decision-making
  • Product Costing

Week 2

Managing Quality & Customer Service
  • Total Quality Management
  • Total Quality Service
  • Kaizen Continuous Improvement
Empowering People for Change
  • Emerging Issues in the Changing Workplace
  • Executing Change: Intra- and Inter-Personal Communications
  • Leading Teams
  • Motivating Performance

Week 3

Business Analytics
  • Introduction: What is Analytics?
  • Capturing the data: Customer Surveys and other ways
  • Excel tools for Analytics and Correlation
  • Beginning Excel Tools for Analytics: T-test and Chi-square tests