AIM launches first PhD in Data Science in the Philippines

October 07, 2020
Asian Institute of Management (AIM) is launching a PhD in Data Science program, a first in the Philippines and one of only a handful in Asia
PhD in Data Science

As the world finds itself in the midst of the 4th Industrial Revolution, technology is evolving faster than ever, and with it, a staggering volume of data is generated each day. This explosion of data has given rise to the huge demand for Data Scientists to extract knowledge and provide insights not only to make fast and robust decisions about the present but also to better prepare for the future.

Spurred by these needs, the Asian Institute of Management (AIM), following its hugely successful MSc in Data Science which was launched 2 ½ years ago, is launching a PhD in Data Science program, a first in the Philippines and one of only a handful in Asia. AIM’s new PhD program aims to make original and novel contributions to data science by leveraging data systems, analyzing trends, and building models in a cross-disciplinary and ethically responsible manner for industry, society, and academia.

“This PhD program is specifically designed to push the boundaries of knowledge across multiple disciplines through data. AIM will continue to maintain our leading position and competitive advantage in Data Science, complexity science, and artificial intelligence research,” said AIM’s President and Dean Jikyeong Kang.

The PhD program builds on the success of AIM’s Master of Science in Data Science degree program, which is currently ranked third in Far East Asia ahead of similar offerings in Japan, Singapore, and South Korea, according to the international university ranking agency Eduniversal. “We want our graduates to be able to lead at the frontlines and rise to the new challenges of a world powered and governed by data,” said Associate Professor Erika Legara, AIM’s MSc in Data Science Academic Program Director. “AIM’s PhD in Data Science program will specifically stress the creation of new knowledge, insights, and methods with and from data. The program will train individuals to conduct comprehensive and extensive research on cross-disciplinary topics,” she added.

Students who take on AIM’s PhD in Data Science program’s rigorous curriculum will be under the guidance of the Institute’s internationally recognized faculty of data scientists. They will also have access to AIM’s 1.2-petaflop computing facility, one of the most powerful and sophisticated AI supercomputing platforms in Southeast Asia.

All PhD students will be required to serve as instructors or teaching assistants at AIM or elsewhere, allowing them to share the results of their research while giving them leverage, should they wish to pursue academic careers. Upon graduation, graduates are poised to become key players in ethical and responsive Data Science research and policy making, be it in the academia or other public/private sector. They can be expected to lead businesses and societies in a wide range of fields, including finance, economics, urban planning, transportation, medicine and healthcare, and business logistics and supply.

Graduates will be equipped with practical skills on top of a firm understanding of the latest theories and concepts: among the requirements for graduation is the completion of at least three R&D projects, including two first-authored publications in reputable indexed journals and one project that addresses the actual needs of a government, industry, or international organization.

“Most of the top data scientists in big tech firms like Amazon, Google, and Microsoft, and in banks, such as JP Morgan, have PhDs. This makes sense since data scientists are often applied researchers that can drive innovation through data and advanced analytics. Indeed, a PhD in Data Science is one of the few doctoral programs that are exceptionally useful in both academia and industry,” said Professor Christopher Monterola, who also heads the Aboitiz School of Innovation, Technology, and Entrepreneurship and ACCeSs (Analytics, computing and Complex Systems) Laboratory at AIM.

For more details about the AIM PhD in Data Science program, including scholarship information, please email 

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