Cybersecurity and Whiskey – AIM and Netpoleon Solutions Treats Cybersecurity Leaders to a Night of Insightful Discussions and Tasty Spirits at the Mansion Sports Bar

November 29, 2023
In a dynamic collaboration between the AIM MCS program, ARO, and NSPH Inc., industry leaders, cybersecurity experts, AIM alumni –all whiskey enthusiasts – came together to experience The Future of Cybersecurity, a talk and tasting experience


MANILA, Philippines - In a dynamic collaboration between the Asian Institute of Management's (AIM) Master in Cybersecurity program, Alumni Relations Office (ARO), and Netpoleon Solutions Incorporated (NSPH Inc.), industry leaders, cybersecurity experts, AIM alumni –all whiskey enthusiasts – came together to experience The Future of Cybersecurity, a talk and tasting experience.  

Hosted by AIM’s cybersecurity expert and Academic Program Director of the Master in Cybersecurity program Professor Philip Kwa, the event unfolded as an exclusive session at the luxurious Mansion Sports Bar & Lounge. Guests were treated to an insightful discussion about the current technologies currently being used in the realm of cybersecurity. A line up of speakers from various successful tech organizations such as NSPH Inc. Country Manager Shane Marasigan, Akamai Technologies’ Major Account Manager Ian Chong, Trend Micro’s Senior Presales Consultant Christina Tee-Bautista, and NSPH Inc.'s Technical Director Jeff Ubalde, shared their knowledge, product expertise, and security tips to an engaged and energetic audience.  Notable AIM alumni such as JJ Moreno, Ret. Gen. Noel Baraceros, Louie Cruz, Vangie Abella, as well as ARO’s Executive Director Bernardino Jiao, Prof. Yvonne Liow, EMSc, MSc, Associate Dean Prof. Michelle Antero, PhD, ASITE Head Prof. Christopher Monterola, PhD, and current MCS students were among those in attendance.

Master in Cybersecurity Academic Program Director, Professor Philip Kwa

L-R: Bernardino Jiao, JJ Moreno, Philip Kwa, Louie Cruz, Vangie Abella, Ret. Gen Noel Baraceros

The anticipation reached a fever pitch as the audience eagerly awaited the whiskey tasting session. Hosted by renowned whiskey connoisseur Kris Ong, this sensorial adventure added a thrilling twist to the night. Guests were separated into teams and handed snifters filled with a carefully curated selection of liquors. They were tasked to identify the beverages as part of a contest. Ong, with an air of excitement, guided participants through the intricate details of each pour, revealing subtle notes, aromas, and flavors that betrayed the identity of the drink. Tension mounted with each round as Ong skillfully doled out clues, keeping the crowd on the edge of their seats. Guests exchanged guesses and debated the nuances of each sip before each spirit was revealed to thunderous cheers.

Whiskey expert, Kris Ong

Professor Michelle Antero writes down her team's answer.

As the tasting concluded, the excitement lingered, paving the way for a seamless transition to a sumptuous dinner and live music performance. The guests, now bonded by the shared thrill of the whiskey tasting, relished not only the entertainment and culinary delights, but also the camaraderie that had been formed from the experience.  

Held on 16 November 2023, AIM’s The Future of Cybersecurity event was a resounding success. The collaboration between the Institute and industry leaders demonstrated AIM’s commitment to advancing cybersecurity knowledge. Attendees left the event not only with a deeper understanding of the cybersecurity landscape but also with a memorable experience that combined education, networking, with a touch of sophistication. 


About AIM:

The Asian Institute of Management (AIM) is an Asian pioneer in management education. The Institute was founded in 1968 by a consortium of prominent business leaders, Philippine academic institutions, and the Harvard Business School. AIM is the first school in Southeast Asia to receive accreditation from the US-based Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB), globally recognized  as having the world's highest standards. Throughout its history, the Institute has sought to empower students to thrive in challenging, rapidly shifting environments. It achieves this by encouraging a more considerate, effective, and sustainable approach to business and society. 

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