Going From 0 To 100 Tableau Workshop

November 29, 2023
In contemporary society, where data permeates every facet of our lives, the need for understanding and effectively utilizing data has become paramount.


In contemporary society, where data permeates every facet of our lives, the need for understanding and effectively utilizing data has become paramount. Recognizing this, the Asian Institute of Management’s Career Services Office (CSO) conducted a workshop with Tableau on 24 August 2023, titled “Going from 0 to 100 Tableau Workshop” for MSDS 2024 and 2025A students. 

Facilitated by Mrinal Daryani, an accomplished Account Executive at Salesforce Singapore, the session aimed not only to unravel the intricacies of Tableau as a tool but to instill a holistic understanding of how a powerful visual analytics platform can elevate data utilization, foster informed decision-making, and ensure adaptability in today’s dynamic business environment. 

He emphasized Tableau not merely as a tool but as a dynamic visual analytics platform that seamlessly links to varied data sources, stressing its capacity to expand access across teams while preserving flexibility, all within the parameters of integrated security and governance features. 

Tableau’s distinct advantage lies in its foundation—a language that allows users to express themselves with specificity and flexibility, providing a unique edge in the realm of data visualization and analysis. Mrinal shared impactful stories from Filipino businesses, such as a bank fostering ‘data champions’ through self-service analytics and a telecommunications giant making data-driven decisions at various organizational levels; in addition, he provided a tailored roadmap for data scientists, emphasizing crucial steps from business understanding to deployment and showcasing how Tableau seamlessly integrates into their workflow. 

Mrinal demonstrated intermediate and creative applications of Tableau and showcased various techniques, from Venn diagrams in business analytics to interactive Pareto analysis, contextual zooming, customer discovery dashboards, scenario-based forecasting, and spatial showcases. 

MSDS students have expressed that the workshop was not only relevant but also profoundly beneficial in comprehending the nuanced art of data visualization. The significance of mastering tools like Tableau is paramount in their academic and future professional pursuits. Its capacity to distill complex data into insightful visual narratives positions it as an indispensable asset in the data scientist’s toolkit. 

Acknowledging the workshop’s role in shaping their understanding of data visualization, the students eagerly anticipate more engagements of this nature. The sentiment, “Great introduction session for Tableau. An in-depth technical session would be a great follow-up,” succinctly captures the collective desire for a deeper exploration of Tableau’s technical intricacies. Such follow-up sessions would undoubtedly contribute to a more comprehensive understanding and application of this powerful tool. 

For inquiries about the AIM Career Services Office’s events and activities, reach out to us via email at careerservices@aim.edu. 

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